Hidden Medicine in Your Kitchen Cupboards – Oregano

Oregano (Origanum vulgare) is one of the most well-known and often-used culinary herbs in the world today. Italian sauces just don’t taste right without some oregano and naturally, since the herb originated in Greece and still grows there wild, it is heavily featured in Greek dishes as well. The fact is that it is so well liked that it is grown and used in almost every country in the world today. As widely as it is used, though, many people don’t realize that this herb has some really good medicinal properties, too. The name of this herb comes from the Grecian words ‘oros ganos’, meaning “mountain joy”. The plant grows in nutrient-poor and rocky soil and the herb is quite hardy, so it is easy to see why it was named oros ganos. It is a member of the mint family, so it isn’t surprising that some of the components in oregano that make it medicinally valuable are the same ones that make the other mints good additions to the medicine cabinet, too. Among them is thymol, which is similar to menthol and is also found in thyme. Because of the thymol and other chemicals the plant contains, oregano is highly aromatic. Oregano is quite high in fiber, vitamin E, calcium, iron, manganese and this is part of the healthy aspects it gives to foods that it is used to flavor. It is perhaps less well-known that this herb is also high in anti-oxidants. This makes it valuable in preventing Continue Reading →

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