Learning Where Morel Mushrooms Grow

Like many mushrooms, morels can grow at different altitudes and in different places. However, the key to finding them is often in knowing where they are most likely to be abundant. Armed with this knowledge, a person is more likely to find them, though they may also grow in other places. The morel and forests Morel mushrooms are primarily forest mushrooms, and they prefer mountainous terrain. While they can occasionally be found growing in low altitudes near deciduous forests of oak and maple, they are more abundant in coniferous forests of fir and pine, or mixed forests that include such trees as aspen and cottonwood. They are also more likely to be found at elevations above 3500 feet and especially those around 4000 feet. Optimum growing conditions A great deal of this has to do with the optimum growing conditions for the fruiting body of the morel; what most people think of as a morel mushroom. The hair-like roots are also morel mushrooms, however they are hard to see, and they won’t always send up the morel we are used to picking and eating. These mushrooms need a lot of good nutrients in order to send up the mushroom stalk. This doesn’t mean that the soil needs to be rich, and in fact, morels are often known to grow in poor and rocky soil. The nutrients come from the natural breakdown of pine needles, fir needles, and leaves, laid down through the year. The tiny roots of morels actually aid Continue Reading →

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