Using Window Planter Boxes to Grow Swiss Chard

  As I stare out at the falling snow, I’m already planning on how and when I will be planting Swiss chard in window planter boxes. Swiss chard is a wonderful and easy to grow leaf vegetable. Many people describe it as being like a mild spinach. Indeed, it can be used in nearly every way that spinach can be. It grows well in the garden and it is one of the vegetables that tends to grow very well in a window box. Soil Chard grows best in soil that drains well and with plenty of organic material mixed in. This, and the shallow root structure, make it ideal for window boxes since the soil can be easily blended and controlled without back-breaking labor. Simply mix finished compost into regular screened garden soil or all-purpose potting mix. If no compost is available, grass clippings and used coffee grounds make an acceptable substitute, if they are mixed in well. Done in this way, no fertilizing is necessary usually. The soil should reach within a half-inch or so from the top of the window box so the growing medium will be far enough from the top that it can be adequately watered. Temperature Swiss chard is a cool weather crop that should be planted from seed if at all possible, since it doesn’t like being transplanted. The seeds germinate, normally within two weeks, if the soil temperature is 55 to 65 degrees, F. The plant will withstand temperatures down to freezing, but Continue Reading →

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