About the Northern Pike Fish

One of the most sought after game fish, because of its ferocity and flavor, is the pike. It is also known as a northern pike, jackfish or northern. This is a highly predatory fresh water fish that can get quite large. It lives in the north, so many people may not know much about this game fish. Pike (Esox lucius) are found in the northern United States, Canada, the UK, northern Europe, Russia and Asia. It inhabits rivers and lakes. Pike size This fish grows large. The average length is just a little less than four feet and it can grow as long as five feet long. The world record pike caught by tackle came out of a lake in Germany in 1986, weighing 55 pounds, though there are records of a pike caught in Ireland that weighed 93 pounds. The fish that was caught in Ireland was caught in nets, rather than on fishing tackle. The state record for pike caught in Montana is almost four feet long and 40 pounds. Pike appearance The pike looks similar to a muskellunge or musky, which is a related fish. They have a long, powerful body, with the dorsal fin locate far back near the caudal fin. The head is long and tapered, with the bottom jaw being longer than the top. The powerful mouth is equipped with multiple rows of sharp teeth, rather like some sharks. The color is usually dark green, with spots. Pike behavior A pike is both a very Continue Reading →

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