Cheap Gardening Tips and Tricks For Yard and Garden

Even if the yard and garden are small, it is quite easy to end up spending large amounts of money on the yard, flowerbeds and garden. With the economy what it is, many people don’t have the money to spend. Indeed, many people garden primarily to save money on food costs. Thankfully, there are a few simple tricks that are designed specifically to save money on taking care of the yard, flowerbeds and garden. Water gauge To have healthy plants, it is a good idea to give them a proper amount of water. A sprinkler will work well in watering most of the outdoor plants, yet there is still the issue of making sure that they get the right amount of water. There are commercial rain gauges that can be purchased that are made for this. Some of them are quite inexpensive, though they also fall apart easily. There are some that are more durable, but more cost-prohibitive, too. You can make your own at virtually no expense, though. In fact, they are so cheap and easy that you can make several and if one becomes damaged, there is little problem with throwing it away and making another. Start by saving one or more of the 8-oz tomato sauce cans as you’ve used the contents. Wash the can thoroughly, inside and out, then make a mark halfway between the top and bottom of the can, with a permanent marker. You now have a homemade water gauge. The can is about Continue Reading →

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How to Cut the Food Bill Without Starving

Food is necessary in order to survive. However, the cost of food can be so expensive that a major part of a person’s income can end up going to having enough to eat. Since the economy is very poor in most places, that creates a problem. However, there are ways to trim the food bill, while still eating good, filling, nutritious meals. Costs of prepared food It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that prepared foods cost more than homemade foods. Many examples could be cited, but here are just a few. A person might be able to buy a box of Rice-a-RoniĀ® for 99 cents, if it is on special. Around here, the average price is $1.79. This may not sound expensive, but it is. The box weighs six or seven ounces. The seasoning in the box probably only actually costs a few cents. A pound of rice probably costs something like $1.29. So by purchasing the rice and using seasonings out of your own cupboard, you could end up spending less than $1.40 for 16 ounces, over twice as much as in the box of prepared rice dinner. You have more control over the amounts and the ingredients, and there is no need for the chemical preservatives found in the boxed version. The food also usually tastes better. Frozen meals are even more extreme when compared to the cost of homemade food. A 12-ounce frozen pizza, for example, may cost $2.50. By making your own pizza dough, Continue Reading →

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