Increasing Garden Harvests with Companion Gardening

Companion gardening is a very old and proven method of growing various fruits and vegetables close to each other, for the mutual benefit of the fruits and vegetables. Some plants strengthen each other. In other cases, one plant might repel pests of the other plant. Of course, some plants shouldn’t be grown together, too. Let’s look at some of the best plant companions. Note that for proper coverage of this topic, it will probably take several articles. These might be written if there is enough interest. This article is only a sampling, when it comes to companion gardening. Tomato companions Tomatoes do well when they are grown around the asparagus bed. The two plants mutually repel pests of the other. One of the herbs that goes extremely well in tomato dishes is basil and as it happens, basil is a companion plant of tomatoes. Even if the basil is grown in pots, it is beneficial to put the pots near the tomato plants. This is helpful in another way, too. Both basil and tomatoes have the same needs in regard to sunlight, water and fertilizer. However, basil reacts faster than tomatoes, so by observing the basil, you will know when the tomatoes are in need of something. For instance, they start to droop when they are very thirsty and before tomatoes show that they need water. Tomatoes grow well with garlic, because garlic is a powerful repellant of aphids. In fact, this is the reason garlic is often planted near Continue Reading →

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