Interesting and Simple Way to Catch Grasshoppers

Grasshoppers are a bane for home gardeners in most locations and they are worse in some areas than they are in others. There are many species, but the problem is that they eat vegetation, such as that found in the garden and flowerbeds. They have a voracious appetite, too. The tiny grasshoppers that hatch out from the eggs that are laid in the fall just under the surface of the soil tend to grow rapidly and in species that have wings, the grasshoppers can descend on a garden in the hundreds, literally eating the plants to the ground. When they reach this stage, when they can become migratory and move on after decimating a crop, they are commonly referred to as locusts. Technically, these aren’t locusts, they are grasshoppers, but it makes little difference. They can cause a huge amount of damage in a short amount of time. The news isn’t entirely bleak. Many kinds of spiders eat the small grasshoppers, more of the little ones are preyed upon by predatory wasps and there are other beneficial insects that will eat baby grasshoppers. Frogs and toads, lizards and snakes also take a fair share of the hoppers. However, one of the biggest predators for grasshoppers is birds. The feathered friends can become fat and healthy on a diet of grasshoppers. This includes domesticated chickens and ducks.  For this reason, many people would prefer catching the grasshoppers and feeding them to their poultry, rather than using poisons to kill the insects, Continue Reading →

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