Reasons to eat locally grown produce

Have you ever stopped to think of the benefits of eating locally grown foods? There can be many benefits of eating locally grown foods. For many people, one of the first that comes to mind, and which can be related to other benefits, is freshness. Probably most people who have tried produce right out of the garden and compared it to the same sort of produce purchased at the store will notice this difference in the form of flavor. The moment fruits and vegetables are harvested they begin to break down. This is totally natural. The longer the interval of time is since they were harvested, the greater the amount of decay. Many markets ship in their produce, sometime from great distances. This means that from harvest, to store, to the table, the produce may be up to a couple weeks old. Many stores get around this by purchasing under ripe fruits and vegetables from their supplier. This allows the produce to either ripen in transit or in the storeroom at the store. The problem is, since the food wasn’t allowed to naturally ripen, it lacks much of the starch, sugars and other substances that give the best flavor to the fruits and vegetables. This is why a store bought tomato tends to taste bland compared to one freshly picked out of the garden. The benefits of locally grown food don’t end at the far more robust flavor, though. Still tied to freshness, they are also far healthier for the Continue Reading →

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