Making and Using a Tiered Bed Garden

One of the problems that many people have with gardening is in finding the room for the garden. In a traditional garden, a lot of space is needed in order to grow enough plants to provide food enough for a small family. However, a traditional garden is gardening in two dimensions; length and width. A third dimension is being wasted; height. Tiered bed gardening takes advantage of that space that isn’t being used. Tiered bed overview A tiered bed usually amounts to a frame that is filled with dirt. Upon this frame, another smaller frame is built and also filled with dirt. This is repeated as many times as is wanted and the area allows. It might not seem like this would grow more plants than traditional rows would grow. However, a tiered bed will actually allow two or three times as many plants to be grown. This is because you aren’t growing in just an area, you are growing in a volume – three dimensions. This can be most easily seen after explaining how to build a tiered bed. Building the bed Many different sizes of tiered beds are possible and even different shapes can be built. The idea is easy to master, though, so we’ll concentrate on a very basic design that covers a plot of six feet by six feet. The frame can be made of 2×12 lumber or with three 2×4‘s. The first step is to drive 2×2 stakes into the ground, two inches apart and Continue Reading →

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