About growing blueberry bushes in your yard

There are few fruits that are as packed with anti-oxidants than blueberries. They are also quite delicious. Fresh blueberries are also tastier and better for you than frozen ones, though the same could be said about most fruits. They aren’t particularly hard to grow, but the conditions need to be right and it can be a bit of a trick to make those conditions right. Blueberries are bushes that grow best in climates that have cold winters, because the plants require a period of dormancy each year. While there are a number of different cultivars, there are also two main types of blueberries: Low bush and high bush. As the name implies, low bush blueberries don’t get very tall, usually less than three and a half feet. High bush blueberry bushes can grow five to seven feet tall and occasionally taller. The first consideration before growing blueberries is to decide which type is going to be grown. Regardless of which is chosen, plenty of space will be needed for the plants. Additionally, though they do require winter temperatures that are cold enough to allow them to become dormant, blueberries are also sun-loving plants. They can tolerate some shade, particularly in the afternoon when the sunshine tends to be the most intense, but they do need lots of sunshine. Perhaps the hardest part of growing blueberries is that they thrive in very sour soil that has a pH that is low enough to kill most garden plants. Most fruit trees and Continue Reading →

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Difficulties when Growing Blueberries

A lot of people love the taste of blueberries, whether used fresh, in pies, jelly, juiced or any number of other ways. It seems to just make sense that quite a few gardeners would want to grow the plants; not just as a way to save money, but also to have the freshest possible berries. The bushes are hardy and not tremendously difficult to grow. However, there are a few problems that can be encountered when growing or even trying to grow them that can lead to failure. Knowing what they are is a first step toward overcoming the problems. Soil acidity Unlike so many fruits and vegetables that prefer soil that is quite close to being neutral, or neither acidic or alkaline, blueberry bushes grow best in quite acidic soil. There can be a bit of variation depending on the species or type of blueberry, but this is a plant that loves the pH to be around 6.0 to 5.0 or even less, on average. If the soil has a pH that is much higher than this, the bushes won’t grow very well, the plants may not form many or any berries and the plant may die. Though the soil pH can usually be lowered, trying to grow blueberries in dirt that is too alkaline is a common problem. The soil should be soured before the bushes are even planted, ideally. What makes this a worse problem is that quite a few people want to avoid chemicals in their Continue Reading →

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