Making Your Own Essential Oils and Tinctures

Many plants have great qualities for use with everything from medicinal purposes, to scenting candles and soaps, to flavoring foods, to making rooms and clothing smell good. If you’ve looked at the price of essential oils or tinctures, though, you’ve probably noticed that they tend to be quite expensive. Part of the cost has to do with how the active ingredients are removed from the plants. Without going into details about the different ways this is done commercially, you can save a substantial amount of money by making your own essential oils and tinctures. It isn’t even particularly hard to do. The difference between essential oils and tinctures While it isn’t true in all circumstances, essential oils are normally used outside of the body and tinctures are most often taken internally. Technically, the difference between the two is that essential oils have an oil base and tinctures have an alcohol base or more rarely, a water base. Although some plants shouldn’t be consumed, I make it a point to make sure that the essential oils that I make are edible. That is, I won’t make the oils out of plants that are dangerous to swallow. That doesn’t mean that the essential oil will always be great to eat, but it does mean that they won’t normally be dangerous if they are consumed. Because of that, the oil base that I use is olive oil. It doesn’t need to be high quality virgin or extra virgin olive oil. Less expensive olive Continue Reading →

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