Where is the Super Socializer Button?

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There can be some confusion about turning on the sharing buttons for social media. This is now part of the blog dashboards on Blog Job and it is called Super Socializer. A big part of the confusion is caused by the fact that not all themes support Super Socializer. If you are using a theme that doesn’t support it, the option for enabling Super Socializer won’t be there on the left. You can, of course, do it the other way; copy and paste the link into your social media account, but that is a few extra steps and it is rather clunky.

How do you know if your theme supports Super Socializer? Actually, this is very easy. If you go to the dashboard for your blog and look over on the left hand side, you should see Super Socializer toward the bottom of the list. It looks like this:


As already mentioned, if the theme doesn’t support it, the selection for Super Socializer won’t be listed. You can then select to use a different theme or to do it the copy and paste way. If you choose to use a different theme so you have the sharing buttons visible, it is really easy to enable Super Socializer.


Click on the Super Socializer on the left, then click Social Sharing. At the top of the window, it should say Master Control and right below that, it says Enable Social Sharing. Put a check in that box, then scroll down and save the settings.

super socializer enabled

This might seem like a lot of effort, but really it isn’t. ┬áSuper Socializer gives you a lot more control over the sharing buttons. For instance, if you click the Standard Interface tab on the Master Control screen, you can pick and choose which social media buttons will appear.

standard interface

Most people probably don’t realize that they have so many options. You can also enable floating sharing buttons by clicking the Floating Interface tab and enabling it. You can even select whether to have the buttons on the top or bottom and which pages of your blog will display the buttons. In fact, you can also change the order that the buttons appear in. This is pretty cool, isn’t it? Super Socializer puts you in control of all of this. Naturally, you can use the defaults if you want to.

It all starts with enabling Super Socializer and the first step for that is to make sure that you are using a theme that supports Super Socializer. Once it is set up, it is a lot easier than doing the copy and paste thing.

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