Setting Up a Gravatar on Blogs and a BlogJob Profile Picture


When someone comments on one of your blogs and doesn’t have an avatar, it can look a little strange, since there won’t be a picture to display next to the comment. This isn’t so much confusing as it is unappealing to people who read the comments on the blog. BlogJob and WordPress makes it simple to add an image that will automatically appear if a commenter doesn’t have an avatar. This is called a Globally Recognizable Avatar, or Gravatar.

Blog Gravatar

To set one up in your blog, go to the blog dashboard. On the left side, click on “Settings”.


Scroll down on the Settings screen to the Default Avatar section. Put a mark next to the avatar you want to use, then click the Save Changes button. If a person comments on your blog and doesn’t have an avatar, the one you selected should appear.

changing gravatar

Profile picture

So what do you do when you join and don’t have an avatar or picture for the comments you make on the forums or on the blogs of other members? Or perhaps you want to change the one you have. You can set one up easily.

First, you need a picture on your system that you can use. To look professional and to increase SEO, the picture should be a face shot, however the important thing is to have an image. Once the picture is on your system where you can find it, such as on the computer desktop, go to the BlogJob dashboard, making sure that you are logged in.

In the upper right, you should see your display name. Hover the cursor over your name, then hover it over Profile and click “Change Profile Photo”.

change profile picture

In the Change Profile Photo screen, you can click the “Select your File” button, then go to the location of the image you want to use and select it. It is no more difficult than that.


It isn’t hard to change the default gravatar on your blog, nor is it difficult to set up a profile picture for BlogJob. Doing the latter personalizes your account so there isn’t a big empty next to your name when you comment. It looks far more professional when you do this.



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