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There are any number of reasons a person might want to have an article post later rather than immediately. For instance, if you have already met your daily total points, but have an idea for a really great article, you can write it and schedule it to be posted later, so you can get credit for the points. You might also know in advance that you are going to be gone for a few days and want to keep your blogs active. Scheduling articles to be published while you are gone is one way to do that. BlogJob and Word press make it quite simple to schedule articles for later posting. In fact, it is so simple that many people who use WordPress might overlook it.

To begin with, you will want to write the article as you normally would. Make sure that it is complete and ready to be published. This means that you should add appropriate images, you should embed two or three links in the body of the article, you should have tags that relate directly to the article, you should have the category selected and you should do your proofreading. All of this is for good SEO. You could edit the article later, but it is best if you have the article properly written and ready to be published. This is what you should normally do with all articles, of course, and it is what happens next that is important for the scheduling.

In the dashboard for your blog, over on the right, you should see the Publish block. By default, the status should be listed as Draft and the visibility should be marked as Public. You might notice that immediately below ‘Visibility’, the default is “Publish Immediately”. Click the Edit link at the end of this line.

scheduling publishing

Publish Block

What you should then see is a line where you can change the date and/or time.

scheduling publication

Date and Time










In the above screenshot example, to schedule something to be published for tomorrow, you’d only need to change the “19” to “20”. ¬†You can also schedule the time that it is published. The display is in military time, but either the hour or the minute that the article is published can be changed. Once this is done, click the OK button. You’ll see that “Publish Immediately” has been replaced with “Schedule for:” followed by the date and time you selected. Double check the date and time in this line to make sure it is set to the time you want your article published, then click the Publish button. When you click the Publish button, the article is held in queue until the scheduled time, then it is published.

It isn’t hard at all to schedule the publication time and date for later publication, regardless of the reason you might want to do so.



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