Have You Ever Felt Unneeded?

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With all that is going on in the world today, it is natural that most of us occasionally feel depressed. We see so many evils all around us and there is a sense of helplessness. At times, we might even feel unneeded. Have you ever felt that way? I know that I certainly have.

There are times when I think to myself that if something happened to me, it wouldn’t make a difference to anyone. Oh, I know that my wife and kids would miss me, but I occasionally ask myself if I make a difference.

What does the bible say about that, though? For sure, God is so big and so great, and we are so small and insignificant that there is a predisposition to feel that God doesn’t need any one of us. From a purely logical standpoint, that may be true, however in another way it isn’t.

If a mother or father questions whether they ‘need’ any of their children, the conclusion is likely to be that in the strictest sense, they don’t. However, without their kids, they lose a great deal of their own identity and who they are. Good parents know this instinctively, so if you actually asked them if they need their children, they’ll probably say, “Yes”, without hesitation. This feeling is true of everyone and not just those who have children, but the truth is that everyone we interact with has an impact on us. Those whom we care about have an even more profound impact than those we meet in day to day life.

Just from that aspect, it isn’t hard to see that we are important to other people, even when we don’t realize it. Our family, friends and even acquaintances need us in ways we will never totally fathom and it is likely that they won’t, either. However, it goes much deeper than this.

Does God need you? To answer this, another question might be, “What is the bible about?” Stay with me, because the questions are related.

Certainly the bible is about Jesus, but more expansively, it is about God’s plans for his kingdom and his children. It is devoted to telling us how to live and what is expected of us. It is also filled with the hope and promise of redemption and the fullness of life. The bible contains standards by which we should live and it holds truths and wisdom that are staggering. A large part of the bible deals with the good news or gospel.

In fact, there are about 807,000 words in the bible, in over 31,000 verses. All those words are for you and me, not for God. God is our father and we are heirs to his kingdom, so naturally we are loved by Him, we are important to Him and we are needed by Him. Otherwise, the bible wouldn’t be needed and wouldn’t have been written.

We are needed in another way, too. While the bible is about God’s plans, at best we only get snippets of those plans. We haven’t the capacity to grasp the fullness of what He has planned. There are some things we do know, though, and this is expressed over and over, throughout the bible; God has a plan for each of us and what we do brings other pieces of the picture into play.

Thinking of this, it isn’t hard to see that we are needed. Each of us is an important part of that plan, though we don’t know in what ways we are important. We each play our part. We also know that as a good Dad, God loves us all and He wants as many of us as possible to enjoy His kingdom. What we think, do, say; in other words our ‘works’, are the means to bring more of God’s kids to his kingdom. We can’t understand the ways, but understanding isn’t important as long as we accept and have faith. The staggering truth is that God needs every one of us.

Next time you begin to wonder if you are needed and if you make a difference, pray to our heavenly Dad, asking him for enlightenment. It doesn’t take much, but you are quite likely to get an answer that will show you that you are indeed needed and that you can and do make a difference.

Praises to our heavenly Abba!

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  • Andria Perry says:

    Sometimes I feel more used than needed, for instance today, I had a doctor appointment ( no it was not good) but I had sick with me and complaining, I dropped off my sister to shop and I was taking to long…. I finally said ” what about me?”

    • rextrulove says:

      @andriaperry, I think that we all feel used at times. Naturally, we need to learn to be more assertive, but it can be hard to do when we are trying to also be humble and unselfish. There is a happy medium, but it isn’t always all that easy to reach and to maintain.

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