It Will All Work Out…

I’m reading on the site about how the point system has changed and how some of us depend and had it all planned out how much money/points we could have by a certain time BEFORE they lowered our daily points.  This was the one time I had a goal set and that was to make 3 posts which would make the daily point limit.  Well, since the change in daily points have went down, I thought, I think like most of us that it was “unfair” and now how are we going to make up for the lost 50 points?  I even thought that I wasn’t a good enough writer, because the site wants “quality” posts.  Most of what I write is about my opinion. thoughts and ideas.  I don’t write about just one thing.  I guess that is how I have been at many of my jobs I’ve had.  In many of my jobs that I have had, I’ve always worked in all aspects of the job, even managerial.

I also worry that I’ve been on sites where they have tweeked the site to make it better, and then pretty soon they’re lowering the pay and then NO pay at all or it takes forever.  Now, I’m NOT saying all those things could happen here on blogjob.  I realized for sure in life that there are NO guarantees!!  I also know that when one door closes another one opens!!  So, after I’ve fumed about the point change and read other blogs/forum comments,  I realize that I’m not the only one who has some concerns and frustrations.  All, I do know is that “It Will All Work Out” in the end!!  I do know though for sure that I am glad that I have seen some “old” faces and made some new friends here and have enjoyed reading about every one’s lives.  I will continue writing here, because I like to write like most of us do.


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“Under Maintenance”….

Some times on social or writing sites, I feel like a “guinea pig.”  By this, I mean and I think we are all familiar with our experiences from Bubblews.  We join a site and we get paid regularly.  Then the owners want us to have other members join the site, some times we get a “bonus” for referring people.  The the site begins to be “under maintenance” all the time, because there are so many people joining and they need to “tweek” the site to make it better!!Then the next thing you know, you’re not getting paid or it takes forever to reach the cash out or it might even take you forever to get your cash out or you might NOT even get your payment.

Of course if you don’t get paid or you’re “banned” from the site, there are always reasons for this.  There are too many people on the site (which that was what you were suppose to do, was get people to join)or you didn’t follow the rules or you “spammed” the site or maybe you’re even telling other people that the site is a scam!!

Now, by this time you have two groups of people…the ones that “believe” in the site or those who are NOT on the site anymore and spreading “bad” about the site.  So, the site owners have to do some thing to make the site better to get more people again , because they’re losing the credibility.  Usually, you the “true” person that is standing by the site through it all get “the short end of the stick”  because the site wants new people again.  So the people that have stayed and believed in the site and followed the rules, are guinea pigs and aren’t being “rewarded” for their trust in a site.

Bubblews I was a member for 3 years, there is a social sharing site like FaceBook that pays that  I have been a member for almost a year.  With both of these sites, I never “dogged” them even though I or other people weren’t getting paid, but when you’re NOT rewarded or appreciate for sticking by the site then it’s time to move on.  There are always sites just like what you have to offer.  So as of today I’m quitting the social site that I have been on for almost a year (whzon/monkytalk) because I have been faithful and have brought members to the site, but I’m losing money and don’t feel I’m being appreciated!!

Have you ever been on a site that you stuck by them even though other people were not getting paid or was “dogging” the site and you never even got appreciated for your dedication? 



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Growing up in the ’60’s I think most of us came from the generation of spanking as a punishment.  I even grew up with physical abuse.  I grew up and had no problems from the effects of being spanked.  When one got spanked, we knew that we had did wrong.  A spanking was a deterrent to bad behavior.

Since I believe that as we get older we have choices of changing our past.  In today’s standards  I was abused as a child.  Some of the ways that we were abused, like our father kicking us, was I will admit abusive.  When that’s all you know growing up, you think it’s “normal.”  When I was a single parent, I had to “punish” my children.  I went to kick my oldest son, and had a flashback to my childhood and I made a vow, that I would never hurt my children the way I was punished.  So maybe I went to the opposite extreme with punishment!!

When I read this article, I was surprised (not really because now days nothing would surprise me.)  To see what I’m referring to, go to this  link

Now, I don’t believe that a spanking can make you “defy their parents and to experience increased anti-social behavior, aggression, mental health problems and cognitive difficulties.”  In fact, when I was spanked it made me RESPECT authority.  I wasn’t “anti-social” either!  I definitely wasn’t (am not to this day) aggressive.  If anything, I’m quite the opposite.  I know when I was raising my children, the school system told the children to report to the police if there parents spanked them, it was called “abuse.”  Now to me, that shows that “some one” else is the authority, NOT the parent!!  I believe some times that a spanking is a way to punish your child, especially when ALL other methods aren’t working.  I don’t believe you should however, “beat” them and use spanking all the time.  Or, I don’t think a spanking is abusive if they did something that could have harmed them.  Besides most of the time it’s going to hurt the parent more than it does the child.

What do you think of spanking your child?  As punishment, when you were growing up, were you spanked?



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It’s A Matter Of Principles…

There is a debate going on that transgender people should either use the same bathroom as what sex they “identify” with or which sex they were born as.  Now I have a problem with, take for example, a man who decides he feels more comfortable as a woman.  Now, he still has his male genital organ, but is wearing a dress can use a woman’s bathroom!!  Now, what if I’m taking my grandchild, no matter if they’re female or male, if I don’t feel comfortable allowing them to go in a restroom by themselves, I will take them in a woman’s bathroom.  My grandchild is going to see this “man” dressed as a woman, using the woman’s bathroom.  So does wearing a dress make a man a woman?

It’s bad enough we have sex predators in the world, now we have to “cater” to some one who is “transitioning” to the other sex!!  I’m NOT against some one who doesn’t like the sex that they were born with… BUT, since you have a male genital organ, I would think you should be using the men’s bathroom.  Now, if you think MEN in the men’s bathroom will be happy to see a man wearing a dress…you might be surprised!!

Let’s take this on another route… imagine your the one that has to clean the bathrooms!!  I’m sure you’ve heard the joke, that a man can shoot a deer at 1,000 yards, but he can’t “hit” the toilet!!  The reason why there are urinals in a man’s bathroom!!

I’m all for equality, so if you have the genital sex organ of one and feel like the other sex, I think those people should have their own bathrooms!!  This may be coming to a store in a town near you, what do you think?  Women.. would you feel comfortable with a man wearing a dress using your bathroom?  Men… how would you feel if a man wearing a dress went into the same bathroom as your significant other, or your daughter/granddaughter?


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A Bathroom Bill

It seems that nowadays, some one some place is offended by something and then other people agree with that person and then there is a bill that becomes law because some one is offended.  But what about the people that aren’t offended, a change to them should be just as much to be considered as to the person that is so called “offended.”

It first started when the LBGT community came out and was offended that ministers believed that a marriage was between a man and a woman, and refused marrying a gay couple.  So then where it is legal for LBGT to marry it became a law that ministers couldn’t refuse marrying them.

Now, it appears that the transgender community wants to use either a woman’s or men’s bathroom.  Now “In My Opinion” the answer to this problem should be just like how they have separate men and women’s bathrooms.  Maybe some people feel offended that a transgender person uses the same bathroom.  Maybe a person might feel uncomfortable seeing a man that is dressed in woman’s clothing come in to the women’s bathroom.  But yet the man that is dressed in woman’s clothing thinks he should be able to use the woman’s bathroom.  Next thing there will be urinals in the woman’s bathroom!!

Now “In My Opinion” the LBGT community should be demanding separate bathrooms just for them.  Of course you might be saying, “what’s the difference?”  Well, maybe I’m offended!!  But it seems that the people who are offended are the ones that bring it up all the time!

Now, I have friends and family that are from the LGBT community and we are don’t “force” your issues/ideas on me, I won’t force my issues/ideas on you.  But why should I change the things that a “straight” person have, to make you fell comfortable?  Sure, if you want to get married, have some one from the LBGT community to perform the marriage.  Have another bathroom for the transgender because some “straight” people may feel uncomfortable.  I mean every one would be happy!! 

How would you feel if a man that was dressed like a woman came in the woman’s bathroom?  How would you feel if a woman that was dressed as a man came in the men’s bathroom?  How would you explain this to your children/grandchildren?



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Video Cameras

Nowadays we see video cameras every where.  Most major retail stores have them inside and out of their buildings.  Police cars have video cameras.  In some states the police officers even carry hand held videos with them.  Some people even have them in their homes, to watch the outside or people even have them inside especially if they have hired some one to work in their home.  Some people just have them in their home because they might be suspicious, like the man that had the video camera recording while he caught his wife beating up her mother-in-law.  That video went viral!!  In case you haven’t seen it, you can watch it here… 


Now, “In My Opinion” I see nothing wrong with the use of video cameras if you have suspicions that some one could be stealing from you, there is abuse going on or just catching some one doing something that they shouldn’t be doing.  If you haven’t done anything wrong, then you have nothing to worry about.  On that note, “In My Opinion” I don’t see anything wrong with random drug testing on your job or even people who receive any kind of assistance from the government.  Once again, if you have NOT done anything wrong, you don’t have anything to hide!

I’m sure that we all know that when we commit a crime, “your” word is against “their” word, unless you have substantial evidence.  If you had a video camera recording,one would know who committed or didn’t commit the crime!  Of course this method isn’t fool proof, because some one could turn off the recorder or erase parts that a person doesn’t want seen.  Yeah, I know I watch detective shows! lol  But this would be one way to prove your innocence or guilt.

Now, of course with anything there are people out there that would abuse having video cameras to actually invade some one’s privacy by using videos in inappropriate ways for their own sexual pleasure…which would be wrong of course!!  But if you thought you were being recorded and the officials found the evidence that would be solving the crime as well.

What do you think of video cameras for catching suspicious activity?  Is it an invasion of privacy?


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In My Opinion…

This site will have to deal with subjects that I will have my own opinion on.  We all have opinions and we might even differ in opinions.  Every newspaper has an editorial of some one’s opinions.  The topic today that I have an opinion on is Tattoos.

I see nothing wrong with tattoos, in fact I have 6 tattoos myself.  I have never “Not” gotten a job because I have tattoos.  I think if tattoos are done tactfully they are fine.  I don’t really care for the big tattoos especially for women.  Also, if the tattoos are in places that need be, you could cover them.  

I think a lot of times people are judged by their tattoos.  There might even be a stereo-type of people who have tattoos.  But as I say, In My Opinion, tattoos are like some one wearing jewelry… you might not like rings or necklaces.  I also believe that for every tattoo, there is a story behind that tattoo.  Maybe the next time you see some one with a tattoo, ask them how they decided to get that tattoo or is there a reason why they got that certain tattoo?

I also don’t think piercings are a bad thing, unless like tattoos they have a bunch of them and they’re wearing “big” jewelry.  Once again, I have several piercings as well.  I’m not covered all over with piercings or tattoos and I don’t think a person should be or otherwise it would look tacky!!

Besides if a person decides to go through the pain of a tattoo or piercing they should be able to.  It does take some pain tolerance when getting a tattoo or piercing. Of course it costs some money too, unless you have a family member or friend to do it for you, for experience!

Do you have any piercings or tattoos?  What is your opinion of some one who has tattoos and piercings?  Would you suggest some one getting a piercing or tattoo?



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