life is most important thing

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Hey friends!

How are you?

I hope you all are fine I am fine too..

Whats going on?

Today I would like too talk about life. There are few things which are important. Life is also the most important thing.

So we should give our first priorities to our lives.

Today I would like to share story of a 16 years school boy.

Before starting.

I would like to share one thing.

Use things not life.

Love life not things.

So in these above lines you should understand the importance of life.

There was a school going boy. He was 16 years old. He was not feeling well. One day he was sleeping at night. Suddenly he woke up. And start something strange in his health. He feel vomit. He just put his both hands on his mouth and move towards wash room. He have a carpet in his bed room and he does not want to spoil his bed or carpet. So, that’s why he stop his vomit by force and moves towards toiled. When he reached toilet he just lost his life. Because vomit he stop by force moves towards his breathing veins. And he lost his life in a seconds.

He gave important to things not life. So people learn lesson from this story.

Yeah yeah it is some extent true that follow your heart. But you should always keep your brain with you at every condition.

Life is most important thing is to taken it seriously. Always take your life your health seriously.

Some times smallest things make big place in your heart.

You are the most important person than you realize.

May be friends this blog will help you a lot. I again say please take your life seriously.


Thank you

Stay calm.

Stay happy.