Customizable origami bookmark corner

Picture this. You are reading your favourite book. Your really enjoying yourself, it’s comfortable, warm, and quiet. When suddenly, a sound rips your attention away from your world within the pages. Grumbling, you throw off your blanket and put your book down to take care of the inconvenient noise. Your fine at first. Happy to get back to your book you run back to the couch. But the moment of joy is shattered. When you come back you realized in horror that you lost the page that you were reading. “Nooooooooo!” You get the point.

Well don’t worry because all you need is a bookmark! Today I’m going to show you a cute and easy way to make a customizable bookmark corner.

Step 1

Go get yourself a square of any colour paper you want. I used orange card stock for this tutorial.


Now take the square and make a diagonal fold. This will make a triangle.


Step 2

Now you want to take the top corner of the front layer of your triangle and fold it down so the tip touches the bottom edge.


Step 3

Okay, we are almost done. Now you want to take the outer confers of your triangle and pull them up. This creates your diamond shape.


Step 4

Alrighty, this is the very last step for the base of the bookmark.

Take the corners that you just folded and tuck them inside your diamond. This creates the mouth so it will hold onto the corner of the page.


Yay! Now your all done. Now for the costomizing part. I made a monster and a cat. More specifically, the cat is Firestar from the Warriors series that I am currently reading by Erin Hunter. Anyways, I liked this pattern for the endless possibilities of how it could look. It’s super easy and anyone can do it.



I hope you enjoy making this project at home. I f you want to see the video where I got the idea to write this post, go to YouTube

I will post more DIYs soon. Thanks for dropping by.

~Momma Ozzy~