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Skunk is Eating Under the Bird Feeder: Ways to Get Rid of It

Skunk is Eating Under the Bird Feeder: Ways to Get Rid of It

If a skunk is eating under the bird feeder you likely want safe and effective ways to get rid of it. After all, no one wants to risk getting blasted. I have that problem too, and I’m concerned for my dog. If I let him out too quickly and don’t see Pepe LePew, he would likely charge it. He doesn’t know a polecat from a Persian! I’ve already mulled over in my mind what I’d do if he were sprayed. First and foremost, he’d have to stay outside. It would be a disaster of smelly proportions! I’ve been looking for skunk deterrent that’s safe for birds, and I’ve found all-natural solutions. I can’t just ignore the problem. I could end up with a whole herd of hungry skunks in my backyard. I can’t let that happen! If it did I’d have to hire a professional, and pest control services aren’t cheap.

Don’t Striped Skunks Hibernate?

I’ll share more about my issue before sharing what I did after finding a skunk eating under the bird feeder. I was shocked, to say the least! It’s the dead of winter in Northwest Indiana, and I thought that skunks hibernated. After doing a little research I found out otherwise. They stay in their burrows and go into a deep sleep when it’s particularly cold and/or snowy, but they don’t fully hibernate. They come out to eat when the weather allows. It makes sense that skunks need more fuel than ever during the winter months. That’s why he’s been eating under the bird feeder, and that’s why I need ways to get rid of it.

Natural Ways to Get Rid of Skunks

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Did You Know That Skunks Have Schedules?

What surprised me more than anything was the skunk’s eating schedule. I didn’t need to look up interesting facts about striped skunks. I observed it myself! He comes around regularly for lunch and dinner. The skunk is eating under the bird feeder for about 15 or 20 minutes. He has his fill of black oilers and waddles away along the inside edge of the field. I yelled at him a couple of times, but I need better ways to get rid of it. Each time that I yelled he ran under the shed for several minutes. I’m still afraid that my dog might surprise him. Here are a couple of other interesting facts about striped skunks. They have the capability to spray up to 25 feet, and they can hit a target very accurately from as far as 10 feet away. That’s a high-pressure sprayer! My garden hose doesn’t work that well! I’m going to keep skunk scent remover on-hand, just in case. I’m not the type to say that it can’t happen to me. I’d rather have it on-hand than struggle to find it when needed.

Keep Skunk Scent Remover On-Hand!

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Why You Can’t Use Store-Bought Skunk Deterrents

I finally looked up commercial skunk deterrent, and guess what? The ratings aren’t very good, and it gets rid of birds too. That wouldn’t work under a bird feeder. I might as well stop feeding the birds at that point. Next, I discovered the magical powers of cayenne pepper. As you might know, it’s a great squirrel deterrent. It works for skunks too! I posted a good deal on a one-pound bottle. I’ve found it much cheaper online than in local stores.

Since generously sprinkling cayenne pepper under the bird feeders, Pepe LePew hasn’t stopped by for lunch. He hasn’t been around for dinner either. Unlike birds, skunks can smell and taste the cayenne pepper. It’s a natural skunk repellent that won’t hurt dogs, cats, or birds, and it works like a charm. My dog won’t go near it, and apparently, the skunk won’t either. I haven’t seen him in the yard since applying the pepper around the feeders. If a skunk is eating under the bird feeder and you want ways to get rid of it, try cayenne pepper. You just have to remember to reapply it after it snows or rains. It’s a cheap and easy solution for a potentially smelly problem.


Kim Dalessandro is an award-winning freelance writer and artist from the Chicago area. Her passion is interior design, but she also loves entertaining and crafting. She is continually developing unique and creative ideas to share with the world.

2 thoughts to “Skunk is Eating Under the Bird Feeder: Ways to Get Rid of It”

  1. sometimes, i see squirrels stealing bird seeds from my birdfeeders, but it doesnt bother me. they are cute and funny. i havent seen skunks, raccoons and opossums in my area in a long time. i hope they arent killed off because they didnt bother me. they just walked around at night scavenging for food.

    1. The skunks were here before we were, and they want to eat just like any other living creature. I don’t want it harmed. I put dog food out for it. I call it ‘Tippy’ since it has a white tipped tail.

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