What Was Grandma Thinking?

I think that as parents and even as grandparents we want to keep our children/grandchildren safe from harm.  We keep our cleaning chemicals and medicines out of reach of those children/grandchildren.  We even teach them that drugs are bad.  However this grandmother “accidentally” gave her 14 month old grandson a bottle of methadone!!  To read what I’m talking about, go to this link https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3565697/Grandmother-48-accidentally-feeds-methadone-14-month-old-grandson-keeping-drug-baby-bottles.html

What possessed her to put methadone in a baby bottle, when you have grandchildren?  I would be afraid if I did something like this, this is what would happen and I love my grandchildren dearly.  Anybody could have made this mistake, because no one would know that some one would store their drugs in a baby bottle!!  Why didn’t she put the methadone in something that she only uses?  I guess she doesn’t want it to look like “she” did it.  I mean I’ve heard of people putting drugs in a diaper bag or diapers.  Who would suspect any drugs in anything that a baby might use?

As   I remember when I had young babies, I would keep their formula in the kitchen.  So when I would get up to feed my baby, I would go in the kitchen where there was water, the formula and the stove or microwave to heat the bottle up with.  I would never have the formula in the bedroom!!

The baby is lucky to be alive!!  As far as the mother..she knew that her mom kept methadone in baby bottles.  If I knew that, I would be afraid, that she would get the wrong bottle as she did.  Or maybe the grandmother knew exactly what she was doing when she fed the baby methadone?  You hear of people giving children drugs to keep them quiet because they are crying and they can’t make them quit crying.  You only think of this from a stranger or in daycare,but the baby’s own grandmother!!!


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“The Dentist of Horror”

Yeah, some people may consider a dentist a horror, because after all who likes their teeth pulled or a root canal?  But this doctor is really called “The Dentist of Horror!”  In fact, this dentist has performed some useless and painful procedures to over 100 patients and is on trial!!  To read what I’m referring to go to this link https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3559321/Dentist-horror-enjoyed-inflicting-pain-left-mutilated-patients-flesh-hanging-mouths-broken-jaws-jailed-eight-years-France.html

I’m sure for those people who don’t like dentist might relate that they don’t like going to a dentist, but these people have legitimate reasons for not liking “this” dentist.  I know about 3 years I had my first experience of having some teeth pulled.  Before they administered the anesthesia, they told me to start counting backwards.   The only thing I remember was when is the anesthesia going to kick in, so they can pull the teeth to relieve my pain!!  Even after I the dentist pulled my teeth, I was still thinking…when are they going to pull my teeth?  Even walking out to the car, I was wondering that!!  My husband said they did!!  I can’t imagine waking up to a “post it” note from the dentist saying that I need to come back!!

Not only was he into causing pain to his patients he was ripping people/insurance companies off as well!!  Apparently, he was doing procedures that didn’t need to be done but was still charging insurance companies!!  Then he tried fleeing from the police!!  But they finally caught him and had to extradite him back.  Now extraditing a person isn’t cheap!! He’d been under investigation from his own home town.  So it makes one wonder how long and how many other victims this “Dentist of Horror” was being abusive to!!  

I suppose he will use his “psychological problems” as his plea.  What about the poor people who he took advantage of and was abusive to?



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It’s Suppose To Be A Memorable Day..

When my husband and I were at my mom’s the last time, she gave me my Senior Prom picture.  The memories came flashing back of the guy I went to the prom with.  Those were so fun times…high school and the prom.

When I was in school though we had archery class and some kids even brought guns in their vehicles.  Nowadays, people use the guys to kill people at school..a gun free zone!!  One of the latest school shootings took place at a high school that was having a prom!!  To see what I’m referring to go to this link https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/authorities-teen-shoots-2-outside-prom-before-cop-kills-him/ar-BBsbfYS?ocid=ansmsnnews11

Now luckily there were officers that had guns  who were nearby and shot the person who was shooting people on their prom evening.  Just imagine how many more people the shooter might have injured or even killed if it hadn’t been for the security and officers who were there that had guns!!

Now back to the prom, a prom is to be where your friends get together and you have a party with dancing.  It’s one of those memories that you will always have with you, no matter how old you are!!  These kids have the memory of one of the kids that they went to school with going to go on a rampage of shooting and injuring, possibly killing people.  A memory that NO parent wishes for their children on prom or any time for that matter.  Luckily there were NO deaths and NO life threatening injuries, but what would posses some one to start shooting at their classmates on prom night or any time for that matter?  It will be interesting to find out what the shooters motivation was.  Did the girl he ask to go to the prom reject him?  Did he shoot these particular people for a reason or was it just random?  If the security/officers hadn’t stopped him, would there have been more casualties?  


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Bad Day Cares…

Luckily my children are grown, but I do have grandchildren that have to go to daycare.  It seems like just about anyone can open a daycare!!   If you “claim” that you are a religious daycare you are exempt from certain licensing rules and don’t require government involvement.  This woman has identified her day cares as religious and has opened and ran 12 daycares!!!  Each time she is charged/arrested for child abuse/neglect charges, she goes to a different town and opens another daycare under the disguise of a “religious” daycare!!  To see what I’m referring to, go to this link https://www.yahoo.com/celebrity/woman-allowed-run-least-12-140814377.html

Now as a healthcare worker, every time I apply for a new job, I have to go through the process of my employee putting my name through the abuse registry.  No one wants a person working with the elderly or mentally challenged individuals if you have been convicted of any abuse.  So, just because she has a religious exemption, she doesn’t have to have that for running a daycare?  Wonder if any of the parents ran here name through the registry?

It seems such a shame for some one like this to be responsible for caring for children after she has been convicted of abuse, even death!!!  It makes one wonder if she has ran other day cares other than Alabama as 15 other states you can be exempt from licensing for claiming your  “religious” daycare?

As with anything, people who abuse the system make it harder for honest people to actually run a daycare!  There is always some one out there who will abuse the system.  It’s sad, but some people like to abuse privileges, so that the honest person has to go through so much, that it might not be worth it, but yet some one like this that doesn’t deserve to be taking care of children has ruined it for others that would be very good at it!! 



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Now It’s More Than Just Stealing…

Three people from Springdale, Arkansas went to the McDonald’s drive thru.  They ordered 3 glasses of water.  After getting their order, they park in the parking lot, go into the McDonald’s, dump out their water and refill it with pop!!

The manager apparently was on duty and saw everything happening and told them to return the pop, as they were stealing!!  Now instead of going ahead and paying for the price of the pop, one of the men took off!!  The manager thought by standing behind the car, that would stop the thief, but it didn’t!!  The driver hit the manager with his car.  So, the manager thought maybe by trying to pull the keys out of the ignition would stop the thief, but the thief hit the manager’s hand and hit him with the vehicle again!!

To read all about it yourself, NO, I didn’t make it up!! lol  Go to this link https://www.ketv.com/news/Police-Man-arrested-for-putting-soda-in-water-cup-at-Springdale-McDonald-s/39112222?

Now, he’s going to be in more trouble than what he would have been if he wouldn’t have tried to get away injuring the manager in the process!!  What is wrong with people today?  Did they think they wouldn’t get caught when they returned inside to “steal” pop?  Then trying to get away and hitting the manager in the process, was NOT a good idea!!  Apparently, the “kid” didn’t think he did anything wrong, but why was he trying to get away?  Makes one wonder what kind of drugs whether legal or prescribed he was on?  Wonder what his reasoning was?  I mean, maybe he thought he could get by, by stealing pop when he only ordered water.  What was he thinking though, when he hit the manager though with his car, when the manager was trying to make him surrender?  Now, the kid is in more trouble for hitting the manager and fleeing, than just for stealing pop!!


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Mother Gets Parole…

I’m sure you all remember baby Brianna.  She was a precious child that at the age of five months died from abuse!!  The abuse was from her mother,her father and her uncle (the mother’s brother.)  Baby Brianna was thrown around like a rag doll and was even bit.  She was raped by her father and her uncle, while her mother was sleeping.  The grandparents even knew this was going on, but never said a word!!  There is even a bill passed after her “Baby Brianna bill” making child abuse which could cause death now a class A felony with a mandatory minimum of 30 years in prison.  Unfortunately, the bill was passed after the death of Baby Brianna, so the “rules don’t apply” to this case.  To read more about the case, read it here 


This woman who sat by while her husband and brother and even herself abused this innocent child is so hideous!!  Every one just sat by while the child was abused!!  The grandparents who even knew what was going on did nothing!!  The grandparents even though they weren’t involved in the abuse, still was sentenced to some time in jail.  Now, this woman who watched as her child was abused is getting released from prison this year, only after 14 years in prison.  To me that just doesn’t seem possible, when her 5 month old child is dead and she let it happen!!

Hopefully Baby Brianna is living a peaceful and happy life now.  Hopefully, this “mom” will have this guilt for the rest of her life for letting her baby girl be killed.  This innocent child had no reason to be treated like she did.  The adults in her life didn’t act as adults.  If they would have, she might still be with us today only with a family who loved her!!


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Caught Five Foul Balls…

Now, I don’t keep up to date on baseball, in fact I don’t even watch it.  I do know a little about it though and for one person to catch “5” foul balls is pretty unheard of!!  Usually people are fighting over catching a foul ball!  But this lucky man caught 5 in one game!!  To read more about it go to this link https://abcnews.go.com/GMA/lucky-detroit-tigers-fan-catches-foul-balls-game/story?id=38329992

Now, what caught my “ear” (I heard about it on the radio) was that not only did he catch 5 foul balls in one game, but he gave these balls to some kids!!  Now, that is pretty cool, that instead of being greedy, he gave these balls to kids.  I guess catching 5 foul balls in one game isn’t anything new for this Tiger fan, apparently he is an avid baseball fan.  He’s caught more than 5 foul balls in one game before!!  Maybe he has even given those balls to some deserving children.

I guess there are some “good” people still out there in the world.  This story just goes to show and some one pointed it out  that we are actually seeing that there are good people out there.  No fighting over the ball, and he was giving children the balls that he caught.  In most sports we know that it’s about the competition, about being the best!!  This fan was letting other children know that it’s good to give to others!!  Apparently, it’s pretty special to catch a foul ball.  You’re always seeing on movies or the news where people are fighting over catching a foul ball, but this man gave the balls away to some deserving children!!

Like I mentioned before it’s one of those “I Can’t Believe It Moments” to think some one can catch 5 foul balls in one game and then give them to children.  What would have made it more unbelievable, is when he went gambling if 5 would have been the lucky number for him!  Wonder if he would have shared some of his winnings if he would have won big?



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Some People Have Some Nerve!!!

Reader’s Warning: This is going to be a venting post!!

With that being said, I have a very good on-line friend (I hope she reads this) that has been a great inspiration to making me more organized in my sites that I write on and other sites I use to make money on.  Now, I’m not as dedicated as this woman is but I really look up to her.  She has lead me to some sites that I have used in the past and now.  Now as, I mentioned before she is VERY dedicated to these sites.  So, of course she is going to be more productive and make more money than I do.  She knows the “ins” and “outs” of the sites.

Lately, whether it be because of some health issues she has or the time difference, when I don’t “see” or read anything from her, I become concerned.  So, yeah, call me a stalker..I go to her FaceBook page to see if she might be on or how recently she has posted something, so that I know she’s o.k.   So there I am scrolling down her page and there is a post from some one “demanding” her to give this person a list of the sites that she works on and makes money on.  This person states that they are bankrupt, unemployed and have been scammed from internet sites before.  This person is married and their spouse got fired from their job…blah, blah, blah…

Now apparently if my friend doesn’t give them a list where they can make the kind of money that my friend says she is able to do….they’ll be on the street…blah, blah, blah     

Of course I had an opinion, but actually thinking about it , I was being nice to this person when I told them there is NO guarantee to what one can make on the internet.  I should have said, “Well, go flip burgers at McDonald’s or something” and quit blaming my friend for NOT giving you a list of internet sites that she is on and that she can make money on.  You apparently knew you had financial problems, you should have been thinking about that on your own!!  

How dare this person be so rude to my friend and making it like they have it so rough…apparently they still have a smartphone or internet connection to post that post on my friend’s FaceBook page!!  I don’t like people who are internet bullies!!  They sit behind a computer screen and act so tough and I also don’t like people who blame others for their own problems!!  I also don’t like it when one shares personal ranting or problems for every one to see, why don’t they just private IM the person?  But even though I don’t know this person and maybe they are really going through some hardships…you just don’t publicly blame someone that they aren’t “helping” them make money on the internet, I don’t care if my friend “promised” that she would or not…that doesn’t give anyone the right to “chat” to some one like that for every one in the world to see!!


Thanks for reading my vent!! 😉


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1,000 Year Sentence…

Wow!  1,000 year sentence… wouldn’t that be considered a death sentence?  I’ve never known anyone to live to be 1,000 years old!!  Anyway, to see what I’m referring to go here https://www.opposingviews.com/i/society/crime/philly-man-given-1000-year-sentence

This person (won’t call him a man, because he doesn’t deserve that title) has been charged and convicted of 5,100 charges of sexual abuse!!  Now, I don’t like a “child” rapist,  I think they shouldn’t see the light of day, they should be executed.  However, I have heard what some prisoners think of a child molester and it’s not very nice, so maybe prison time is a good deterrent!  Being convicted of this many charges, I don’t think they will be rehabilitated.

I wonder though why the sentence was of 1,000 years though?  I mean that’s 12,370 months and I know it’s not cheap housing a prisoner.  Wouldn’t you be spending more money on housing this kind of inmate than executing them?  I mean they have nothing to win by spending 1,000 years in prison, even with good behavior they’re going to die in prison anyway.  They should make him pay for therapy expenses for the person(s) that he raped.  They should castrate him, because apparently he would still continue to do what he was doing.

But apparently the courts don’t like a child rapist because 1,000 years is nothing compared to 30,000 years in prison.  There should be a death sentence for child rapists, even though they will get their “treatment” in prison, to me it’s still not good enough punishment for them.

Do you think that 1,000 years in prison for some one who has been charged and convicted of 5,100 charges of sexual abuse is a fair sentence?  Why would they pick hat many years in prison..why not just give the the death penalty or execute them?  I heard an explanation of this, but now I can’t remember…lol



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Hasn’t Taken A Bath In 60 Years!!

Yes, you read that right…a man “Hasn’t Taken A Bath In 60 Years!”   Just to prove I’m not making this up either, check it out… https://www.viralnova.com/hasnt-bathed-60-years/

When we moved into our place, we had no running water other than the water pump that was outside.  So for a while we had a garden hose that we had that we stretched to the bathroom window and we stuck it in the back of the toilet, so we could flush the toilet.  When we weren’t using the toilet. we could fill the tub up with cold water.  During the summertime, we either took cold baths or we let the water sit in the tub and it got room temperature.  Then after we got the electricity in, we heated up the water and could wash dishes and take hot baths.  We never did without bathing or washing ourselves though!!  We also live close to a lake..we could stay overnight and use their showers if we needed to.

One would think that without bathing for that long of a time, he would have health issues, but I suppose his body has become immune to it.  Apparently he lives by himself so no one tells him he stinks!! lol  So apparently he’s good with his body order! lol  Why would some one not bath?  As you can tell from the pictures his skin is all dry and hard.  I just can’t imagine why some one would not want to bathe?  If I go too long without bathing, I feel gross and dirty!!  I might have even taken a bath the day before but I just feel terrible.  But to go 60 years without bathing!! Wow!!  Just can’t imagine!!  Apparently this is working though for this man…he’s still alive!!

Could you go years without bathing?  I can’t even go a week without bathing!!  If I would go that long people would be telling me to take a bath or I would just smell myself and take one!! lol  Apparently he doesn’t think he needs one!!


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