The Power of Prejudice

From the day a Black Man had the courage to run for President, the haters came out in droves.
Despite their lies and tricks and attempts to smear Barack Obama, they failed. And there it was; a Black Man in the White House!

There were groups popping up, some like the Tea Party were the Ku Klux Klan in drag. Others pretended to be Republicans.

The Republicans didn’t pretend anything. They were racist and hated Obama because he breathed. That he was breathing from the Oval had them smashing things.

For eight years the haters steamed. They took out their anger on unarmed black men. They wanted a President who would slap down everyone who wasn’t white. Everyone, from a Mexican to a Haitian, was to be deported by any means necessary.

The idea of building a wall is ridiculous. Everyone knows that today it is meaningless. This isn’t the ancient days this is the time of planes and submarines and even tunnel digging. Putting a Wall across the border is idiotic.

The haters loved this.

So Donald Trump became president.

Black lives don’t matter. No one hears about ‘unarmed black man killed by police’. It could be happening one an hour, but it isn’t going to be on the front page.

That Trump might have gotten Russian help to get the Oval is ignored by his toe cleaners. Just knowing there’s a big boorish ‘good ole boy’ in the White House is enough. The kind of guy to grab women’s fronts, to shove people out of his way, to insult anyone that crosses his path; just like some semi literate red neck in the swamps of Georgia.

One assumes that eventually the hatred of the Black Man will fade. That what happened last year won’t be the centre of their lives. That their hate, expelled, they’ll look around and see that they don’t have health care any more, that everything is set for the rich to get richer and the poor to get poorer.

Soon enough they should realise that just maybe, letting hate rule, is not the wisest way to exist.

Or, considering their infinite stupidity, maybe not.

The Unfunny Panic over ‘Climate Change’

If anyone studied geology; even ancient history, really studied, not just to pass an exam, but to learn, they would confront unarguable facts.

For example, look at how the Romans, the Greeks dressed three thousand years ago. You try that today in March, much less January and you’ll freeze to death. Obviously it was a lot warmer in those days.

You don’t hear about boots, you hear about sandals. You don’t hear about fur coats, you hear about robes.

If you look at the statues the paintings; whether you want to go to Egypt or Macedonia, you will find people dressed as it it is summer time, all the time.

If you skip ahead to the year One Thousand you will find grapes growing in Canada, so many grapes, the Vikings called it Vinland.

Then, only Five Hundred Years Ago it got cold, very cold, and the paintings done at that time show the kind of thick clothing people wore.

In the Eighteen Hundreds, it was so cold that the Thames would freeze, Niagara Falls would freeze, people would freeze to death in parts of the world where the skeletons of hippopotomi have been unearthed.

It is clear that the climate has changed. That the Earth, even in the past three thousand years has changed, moving up and down.

If one goes back to the time of the Dinosaurs the Earth was Tropical. Then the Asteroid strike, then winter, the Ice Age, then, the end of that particular Ice Age, to be followed by other periods of warming and cooling.

It is said human life began in Africa and migrated North and South, because it was so hot the people moved and were able to move into areas that today are far too cold for people to walk around naked or semi naked.

But the Earth was warmer then.

The fear of Climate Change should not be a warming, which makes more land available for agriculture, but a cooling which would have the Ice Sheets cover parts of America and Europe where cash crops are now grown.

To claim humans are responsible for the change of climate leaves the question, what caused the heating in ancient Greece before cars and the burning of fossil fuels?

The problem most so called scientists can not answer, is what is the Standard for the Earth?

What is the right temperature? Ice Ages? Hippos in Wales? Grapes in Canada? A frozen Niagara Falls?

One of the amazing things is that how people can discard the view before their eyes and hold to nonsense.

A man, who lives in upstate New York, a die hard Climate Change believer saw Niagara Falls freeze for the first time since the Eighteen Hundreds and still believes the Earth is getting Warmer.

Considering the age of the Earth, the Billions of Years, the Millions of recorded life on this planet, even the hundreds of thousands of human occupation, what is the Norm for the Earth?

Another Bombing in Germany

Germany, to overcompensate for its Nazi past, flings open its borders to prove how liberal it is.

When other nations closed their doors, built walls and fences, Germany bathed in its sense of humanitarianism, welcoming thousands of refugees.

Where other nations were reluctant to let in more Muslims, as they were Christian and had no intention of diluting their culture, Germany embraced the migrants.

Where other nations had rules to deal with immigration and would not truncate or cut and paste to suit those who wished to enter, Germany did not.

It is no surprise that Germany would be experiencing various terrorists attacks, from the Christmas grope to evil whack jobs blowing themselves up.

People must comprehend that where in other cultures and religion human life is sacred, in Islam it is not.

Islam is a religion for enslavement. There is no free will, there is no ability to feel that kind of ‘dialogue’ Jews and Christians understand.

That Muslims do not try to migrate to Muslim nations, (as Muslim nations don’t want them) and that a nation like Germany is a target, should, and would, (if one were rational), provoke the question…’Why?’

Is it because Germany offers freeness? Because, to prove what a wonderful place it is, Germany allows anyone in?

One doesn’t need to have a Ph. D in psychiatry to know the effect on the mind of the average German. The hatred that flowered during the years of Nazi domination has been hidden as a bottle of rum by a ‘recovering’ alcoholic.

It is always a bad idea to fling open borders and allow people of a different culture/religion in without some kind of indoctrination, some kind of analysis.

In the old days, refugees coming to America, would land at Ellis Island and be processed. Some would be sent back, some accepted, some would wait.

The point was, the host nation wanted some knowledge of whom it was letting in.

Germany, more for the camera than compassion let everyone in.

Now, it knows why other nations didn’t.

Making the World Safe for Leprosy

In ancient days, the person who suffered from leprosy had to wear a bell and warn healthy people, so that they could step aside, and protect themselves.

In the middle ages, when the Black plague was decimating Europe, those who had it were segregated, their bodies burnt.

A hundred ago, those who had diptheria were quarantined, a big sign was put up, warning the public.

How far humanity has come.

Imagine in ancient days, not to make the leper feel bad, no one could separate him from the population or mention his rotting flesh without being sued.

Imagine in the middle ages, where one had to be especially nice to plague victims so that they didn’t feel inferior.

Imagine those poor people suffering a contagious disease who were humiliated by a sign; why today, no one would warn anyone that they were about to step into a danger zone.

It wouldn’t be ‘politically correct’.

The reason AIDS was brought under control in Cuba and virtually unknown was because, not having to be politically correct, everyone who had it, everyone who developed it, was moved to an island.

The reason AIDS is out of control in many places is because no one dares accuse another of having it, and if they admit it, they are given greater opportunity to spread it.

The refusal to speak the truth, the ridiculous idea of being ‘politically correct’ is the greatest method of brain washing ever perpetuated.

It is not accidental.

Those in control realise the Earth would do better with two million less people. So, people have to die. The best ones to die are the mind dead fools who do not think for themselves but try to please everyone else.

Self preservation is the first law of nature, and it’s being destroyed by the need to be please those who carry plague, not to keep healthy people well.

The Secret Papers…Not So Secret

There were Twenty eight secret pages, locked away in a room in the American Capitol. Pages hidden. Now, they are at the centre of a crisis which will have an explosive effect on the relationship between the United States and Saudi Arabia.

The American Congress is considering legislation to enable the families of victims of September 11 to sue Saudi Arabia.

The links between the Saudi leadership and al-Qaeda terrorists, who carried out the attacks, the various charities which collect money for terrorism, are about to be exposed.

Barack Obama, in his last months as President admits he knows 9/11 was linked to Saudi Arabia.

Regardless of the threats the Saudis may utter, the fact is, it is time for the American people to appreciate that their great ‘friend’ was and is also the nesting ground of their greatest enemies.

The Secret pages were made secret by George W Bush. His story was that the publication would damage America’s national security.

If Bush had any credibility he lost it long before he left office.

There have been a number of rumours about attempts by the Saudis to keep their role in the attacks hidden.

Rudi Giuliani, the mayor of New York at the time of the attacks claims a Saudi prince had given him a cheque for $10m to persuade him to deflect attention away from the Kingdom.

Giuliani said he returned the cheque after tearing it up.

“His money he can keep and go burn it in hell. The American people need to know exactly what was the role of the Saudi Arabia government in the attacks: we are entitled to know who killed our loved ones and who almost killed us all.”

The ‘revelation’ may shock some, but for those who have had their eyes and ears open, it has long been suspected, if not clandestinely known.

The Saudi Conundrum

The United States fell in love with Saudi Arabia because of their excess of Oil.

Here was a repressive state in which there was no possibility of dissent. That if The U.S. wanted to pay $1.00 a barrel, the Saudis would agree. They would agree because all the money that would be gathered was a windfall.

Saudi Arabia is a nation in which the Royal Family owns everything, and keeps everything. The common people are no more than dust. The Oil revenues went into a limited number of pockets.

Unlike other nations with their budgets, their health costs their educational bills, the money received in Saudi from the sale of their oil was private.

As time went on, Saudis began to appreciate that one day the oil would run out. They decided to ask for more money per barrel, thus the OPEC crisis occurred in the 1970s.

Wiser Western heads mentioned that it was stupid to give Saudi Arabia so much power. It was stupid for the West to rely on Oil. Other fuels should be explored and other ways of getting oil.

The less wise, more corrupt, bought shares in Saudi oil so that they would profit from price gouging.

By 2001 the President was George W. Bush, owned and operated by the Saudis. They’d helped him in life, financed his projects, they knew he would be an easy piece to play.

At 9/11, the fact the majority of hijackers came from Saudi Arabia should have sent up the flags, but with ‘W’ in the Whitehouse, this was shoved away. Not because it was irrelevant but because the Saudi’s wanted him to divert.

So Bush diverted to Afghanistan, to Iraq, as if he could have the venom spewed in minor pools, living his beloved Saudi’s alone.

But truth has a funny way of escaping the clamp of lies.

The Libyan Story — Part IV

In Libya a ‘revolution’ was created by Western Agencies, the CIA, SAS with the backing of no less than NATO.

It was NATO which specifically targeted locations which couldn’t be taken with light weapons. Airstrikes became more precise, there was less collateral damage. This indicated the presence of air controllers on the battlefields.

Targeted bombings launched methodical strikes on Gaddafi’s communications facilities and weapons caches. An increasing number of American hunter-killer drones provided round-the-clock surveillance as the rebels advanced.

NATO assistance included logistical and security advisers, forward air controllers as well as intelligence operatives, damage assessment analysts and other experts who provided real-time intelligence.

In short, without NATO, without the Western experts, the Libyan ‘revolution’ would have failed. It was NATO and the SAS who enabled the rag tag rebels to win..

The Qatari military, was augmented by French, Italian and British military advisers. This was not only to assist the rebels but monitoring their ranks to prevent any al-Qaida elements trying to infiltrate or influence the rebellion.

Now What?

The Rebels succeeded. They overthrew the regime, got to sodomize Gaddafi before executing him, and now ‘rule’.

The ‘Rebels’ go town to town searching for Gaddafi supporters to torture and kill. Overseas Doctors withdraw as they are only being used to patch up torture victims for another go.

Reports are that the desire is not for democracy but another strong man.

Spontaneous celebrations began across Libya on Friday, the 17th of February, with crowds waving the new red, black and green national flag, dating from the era before Gaddafi seized power in 1969.

Delivering a televised address, Mustapha Abdul Jalil, head of the National Transitional Council, said the new government had “opened our arms to all Libyans, whether they supported the revolution or not”.

Sounds like the usual propaganda, doesn’t it?

Today, Libya is split into factions, is a weak and failed nation.

The Libyan Issue – Part III

The men who captured the mosque in Tripoli were unarmed. This was part of the plan. If they died, they would be martyrs which would inspire others. If they survived, they could continue their work.

Seeing the Gaddafi’s forces firing on the mosque, the local residents and trained rebel fighters converged to defend it, using machine guns and Molotov cocktails in a fierce firefight.

The Rebels drove back Gaddafi’s forces which took refuge in the state TV centre on Al Nasr Street. This TV centre had been previously bombed by NATO but had several underground levels and was easy to defend.

From the mosque the uprising spread in a coordinated movement to Green Square where the Rebels raised the outlawed Libyan national flag.

Green Square had been the centre of Colonel Gaddafi’s power and status, the scene of his rallies and personal appearances. By doing this, the provocation was too much.

A battle ensued.

The Rebels, who had been shipping weapons into Tripoli for weeks in preparation for this uprising had many ‘armories’ about the city. Mass texting was used to coordinate movements and gain more followers.

The Fifth Column

Mohammed Eshkal was very close to Gadhafi and his family. But hated him. This man was in charge of the batallion which protected Tripoli’s gates

Eshkal made a dealwith the Rebels; when zero hour approached he would hand the city over to the them. He didn’t care about the revolution, he wanted revenge.

Hence, here was the situation; a bunch of miscreants, recruited by Western Organisations which had no respect for Gaddafi or Libya, created a situation. They paid the Rebels. They paid for traveling. They paid for Training. And they paid for the weapons.

They created the plan, from the time, date, place. They gave the signals and set the protocols. The West focused on those who would be useful to destroy their own country for nothing.

The Libyan Story – Part II

Libya was different kind of Arab nation.

The Government looked after its people. There was a great deal of freeness, and things worked.

Gaddafi had been warming to the West, paying reparations for the Lockerbie catastrophe, and selling oil, there were a lot of Western old timers who continued to hate him.

The west Hated him for hosting terrorist camps in his country, hated him for his rhetoric, and hated him in general for being the kind of guy that wasn’t afraid of Eagles and Lions.

Getting rid of a strong leader was key. The Arab Spring could only work with weak ‘leaders’ and split nations, where people were more worried about surviving than what political connotation could be placed on an action.

The uprising ‘Mermaid Dawn’ was directly funded by NATO which publicly did bombings and enforced a ‘no fly’ zone. This was to insure things didn’t go ass over teakettle. The SAS did the recruiting, training and organising.

The Start

The rebels moved just after Iftar, the breaking of the Ramadan fast.

The Ramadan period was specifically chosen as Muslims would fast during the daylight hours, attend mosque in the afternoon, then at sundown, hurry home to eat. They would be tired, hungry and not interested in anything but food.

A group of young men entered the mosque as if they were worshippers. As the crowd assembled they began chanting Allahu Akbar, God is Great. This took many by surprise but had a purpose; this signifyed the start of a protest.

The behaviour was shocking. Prayers were cancelled, all women sent home. The men then locked themselves in and began shouting anti-Gaddafi slogans.

Call to Battle

These men used the mosque’s loud speaker system to broadcast their chants across the city.

This was the signal.

Shooting and explosions lit the Tripoli night, Gaddafi’s forces arrived, opened fire on the mosque and summoned reinforcements.

The Libyan Story

On Saturday, August 20, 2011, Rebels, suddenly appearing from everywhere, entered Tripoli, the capital of Libya.

Those who were aenesthesised by the ‘Arab Spring’, believing the various revolutions and uprisings, demonstrations and other excitements, just happened, did not need facts. Those who believed this ‘spontaneious Arab Spring’ could suspend logic and imagine thousands of people just by happenstance marching into a particular city.

Those who knew or assumed there was some ‘hand’ manipulating events from behind the screen were not surprised to learn of “Operation Mermaid Dawn.”


Operation Mermaid Dawn began three months before, when groups of young men left their homes in Tripoli and secretly traveled for training in Benghazi with ex-military soldiers.

After this training these young men made their way back to Tripoli or went to Zintan or Zawiya. They traveled by sea disguised as fishermen or made their way through the western mountains as Nomads.

They arrived and waited for the signal.

The Mindset

“Mermaid” is the nickname for Tripoli used by NATO forces in the past. Operation Mermaid Down was created by NATO, primarily the British Special Air Services; SAS

In Egypt in Tunisia, and other Islamic nations, the CIA (and akin organisations) created confusion to distract attention from the planned execution of Osama Bin Laden.

All the ‘protest to protest’ demonstations were created in the chambers of intelligence forces and dripped into the target cities to confuse and distract.

The purpose of the Arab Spring. was to have putative terrorists fighting war in their front yard to they would be too busy care about what is happening two towns over, much less two countries over.

The Arab Spring was a ruse, a distraction, a way to create battling factions and unleash chaos.

For nothing is better than chaos when one wants to mask their purpose and divert attention from the real picture.