The BitLanders Experiment

May 1, 2016 by gina145

In early April I came across a post by @cmoneyspinner in which she discussed her first impressions of a site called BitLanders.

To be honest I’ve got more on my plate right now than I can cope with, so I wasn’t really planning to join another site. However the micro-blogging option appealed to me. I could write short posts of no more than 160 characters and include links to my work on other sites. And I could share my photos too. I’ve been looking for ways to earn money from my photos without having to write full length blog posts, so this was a huge attraction. After reading through their terms of service and privacy policy I created an account and started having a look around.

BitLanders has a strange system of earning money. Members have three “scores” at the top of each page:

  • BitMiles are the points which translate into real money. When you have accumulated $10 in BitMiles, they can be cashed out to PayPal. One million bitMiles are worth $1. The first million are awarded free, just for creating an account.
  • Gems are used for purchases in the BitLanders store. They can be used to buy items of clothing and other accessories to dress up your avatar – a cartoon character you create when you first sign up. It also costs one gem to tag another user when you comment on a post.
  • Buzz is apparently the score used to calculate your daily earnings. It goes up and down every day depending on how active you are on the site.

Once a day you get a treasure box with a reward in it. As far as I can tell that is the previous day’s earnings, but I may be way off the mark.

Sometimes when you open a post or video you will see a smaller box to open. When you open it you will be rewarded with the princely sum of 10 BitMiles or $0.00001. I’ve seen some comments thanking posters for those BitMiles, so it would appear that the people who publish the posts are giving away points to encourage readers to visit their posts. For that small amount I see no point in doing so.

When I joined there was a quest box showing tasks I needed to do to earn a few gems – upload my first blog, mini blog, photo gallery and video. I’ve done all except for  the video and managed to get my total of gems up to 21. Since then I’ve seen no way to earn any more of them.

In addition there is a box for daily quests – visit BitLanders’ offers page, view 5 videos and 5 blog posts, and bring in friends to join the site. Each of these adds to your buzz for the day.

Initially I left comments on a few posts I visited, but I was disappointed to see that most members simply leave some sort of emoticon in the comment box. Part of the joy of the blogging sites I use has been seeing genuine discussions, and I haven’t come across any of those at BitLanders.

To add to my frustration I came across this comment in a post I read there: “At the moment, most rewards are given to users who log in from the USA and Canada.” As I don’t live in either of those countries it seems I’m at a serious disadvantage.

During the short period I’ve been a member of BitLanders I’ve been earning approximately $0.003 per day. Admittedly I haven’t been doing much there, but due to lack of genuine interaction I haven’t been motivated to do more. I’ve been questioning my decision to join the site and wondering whether I should bother to stay.

The last straw came tonight when I looked at my BitMile balance and discovered that it had gone DOWN by over $0.035, leaving me less than a cent over my starting balance of $1. Based on that mishap, I plan to delete the photos I’ve uploaded to the site. I probably won’t bother to close my account right now in case I want to share some links there, but I’m not sure it’s worth the bother.

I know that some people like the site and claim to make good money there, but I don’t recommend it.

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  1. bitLanders is only good for LENGTHLY ARTICLES (1,000 or more words) supported with videos and pictures, etc. @junebride31 is doing very well there. It is good for filmmakers and photographers too.

  2. 1 gem is charged only if we mention UNFOLLOWER. It is free to mention followers/subscribers. For me, bitLanders is still the BEST paying site. We could also earn from our own videos and pictures (gallery). Yes, I like BlogJob but we cannot earn as much as we want because of daily limits. I earned well on bitLanders last year more than I earned from Bubblews before. All we need to do on bitLanders is post 1,000 or more words article supported with videos and pictures, links, etc and proper tagging to make money without limits! 😊

    • gina145 says:

      Thanks for that explanation @pinayblogger. I’m not sure I want to put the effort into 1000 word articles at BitLanders right now. I’ve been trying to keep my serious writing at BlogJob where it’s easy for my readers to find new content on the topics that interest them. This is the only site I’ve used where I can have separate blogs for different subjects. Maybe I’d feel differently if I’d received some real comments at BitLanders, but you and @cmoneyspinner were the only members who ever had anything real to say to me there.

    • Lee Ka says:

      I think if you can earn more from bitlanders than Bubblews, then that’s quite a lot to me. Bubblews is still the best earning site I have joined so far.
      I have read from @junebride31 , she’s doing really good in bitlanders. It’s really tempting to join the site, but I guess the need to submit the document proofs does stop me from joining. 🙂

      • gina145 says:

        @kaka135 Bubblews was where I earned most too, but I hope that eventually I’ll do just as well at BlogJob. BitLanders just didn’t feel right to me because most of the members I encountered didn’t seem to leave genuine comments, so I doubt they bother to read the posts they visit. I didn’t feel motivated to write good content if nobody was going to read it.

        • Lee Ka says:

          @gina145 I understand that. Though I am happy to make some money, I’d like my work or contribution to be appreciated as well.
          I guess this is the reason I enjoy staying in mylot and now BlogJob too. 🙂

  3. It is the first time I hear about this site and for your description I will stay away from this one. Thanks @gina for this review.

  4. The system is strange. Too quirky for me. I am no longer active there but did like the micro-blogging aspect.

  5. gina145 says:

    @cmoneyspinner I noticed that you didn’t stay active there for long either. I’m glad I’m not the only one who didn’t “get” the BitLanders system.

  6. Andria Perry says:

    I am just tired of joining sites and jumping through hoops to make a 10th of a cent. I also quit Elitewriters because I just was not making any money. I will mylpt and blogjob for now.

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