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April 21, 2016 by gina145

I’ve never been too keen on taking surveys and if I’m approached to take one at a shopping mall, I’ll always answer with a simple “not interested”. However, when I found out that there were websites which paid their members to take surveys, my interest was piqued.

From what I’ve read on a variety of forums over the last few years, some people earn good money on survey sites and I hoped I would be able to do the same. However I soon ran into a problem – most of the good survey sites don’t accept people from South Africa!

I wasn’t going to be deterred so easily though, so every time someone mentioned a new site I’d pay it a visit to see if I would be accepted there. Eventually I discovered one that would have me – PaidViewPoint. I signed up full of enthusiasm, but I soon discovered that it wasn’t the place for me, and despite my initial determination to cash out just once, I eventually closed my account without getting paid. If you’re interested in a more detailed account of my PaidViewPoint experience, you can read about it in an article I published at HubPages at the time.

When I closed my PaidViewPoint account I thought I was done with surveys for good, but then another opportunity came my way. Once more things didn’t go to plan and I never received a cent for my efforts there either. However this time I was able to donate the little I had earned to charity before quitting, so it wasn’t a total waste of my time.

After those failures I was convinced that surveys weren’t for me. Yet I couldn’t stay away from discussions about survey sites, and when I started reading good things about Prolific Academic I decided to give surveys one last try.

I’m happy to report that my experience at Prolific Academic (PA) has been a lot better than what I’d experienced in the past. Where previously I’d only received the kind of surveys aimed at establishing what demographic I fitted into, at PA I’ve been getting real surveys which pay more than the few pennies I was earning at PaidViewPoint.

On my very first day there I received a survey which paid £1.25. I’ve now been a member for a little under three months  and I’ve had another three surveys since then, the best of which earned me £1.50. However when I looked at the list of surveys for which I’m ineligible right now, I noticed one with an average completion time of 34 minutes which pays £5.00. I think that’s pretty decent payment for the amount of time involved – far better than I’ve been able to earn on any of the writing sites I’ve joined so far. Hopefully one of these days I’ll be eligible for one that pays as well.

PA pays members via PayPal once they have £5.00 in their account, an amount I expect to reach in the not-too-distant future. Based on what I’ve read I don’t anticipate any problems with getting paid.

The site has a prescreening section where you can answer some questions about yourself – all entirely optional. As these answers are used in determining which surveys different members are eligible for, I recommend you answer all of them unless something makes you feel really uncomfortable. I haven’t yet had a survey from which I’ve been disqualified half way through, something which seems to be a serious issue at a lot of other sites, so clearly their prescreening is effective.

To find out more about how things work at Prolific Academic, I recommend you read through their participant FAQs.

If you decide to give PA a try, I’d appreciate it if you use my referral link. Doing so will cost you nothing but it may help me to cash out a little bit sooner.

Please read my updated review at my new domain.

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  1. Lee Ka says:

    Thank you for sharing this survey site. I haven’t heard about it, but it seems like it’s paying quite good. As I am staying in Malaysia, I don’t get many eligible surveys to do as well. I am currently working with GlobalTestMarket, though there are many surveys, the rate is not as high as Prolific Academic that you stated. I am still quite happy with it. You can give it a try if you like. 🙂

  2. I did the surveys way back. It takes up too much time.

  3. gina145 says:

    @brendamarie Most of the surveys at PA don’t seem to take that long to complete, certainly not relative to what they pay. Right now there is one which pays £3.00 for an estimated 8 minutes work. I wish I was eligible to take that one.

    Just to put that into perspective, this post took me about two hours to write and proofread, and all I’m guaranteed of earning from it is $0.50.

  4. IcyBC says:

    I like Prolific Academic so far, since they don’t have the screen out notice or sorry you’re not qualified. I just submit my first cash out today, and hopefully it will come through soon 🙂

  5. I am not familiar with that one, but will take a look. I am on a few but have some of the problems that you mentioned. Thanks!

  6. gina145 says:

    @xstatic75 I see you’ve signed up at PA. I hope you do well there.

  7. Yes, I did. It does look interesting. Thanks for writing about it.

  8. Andria Perry says:

    I cant even see this article for that stupid ad right in the middle!

    • gina145 says:

      @andriaperry I haven’t had a problem with ads blocking this post, but when I do see ads where they don’t belong there’s usually a cross somewhere which allows me to close the ad. Next time you see one somewhere see if that works for you.

  9. Ann LeFlore says:

    I joined paid view point and finally made payout. However, the phone number I had used to register was changed. Therefore, I had an issue being paid by the site. I gave up on it and never went back. My account is still open and the money is in my account.

    Like you, I’m not too keen on taking surveys. I’ll check the PA site and see if it is any better than other sites. If it takes 3 months to reach payout I’m not sure I’ll join. Furthermore, you said that there weren’t that many surveys to take on the site.

    Thank you for the informative information and I’m sure this will help others find a survey site that will actually pay them.

    • gina145 says:

      @poehere That’s a horrible way for PaidViewPoint to treat members. I’ve seen a lot of complaints about the site since I left, so I’m really glad I gave up.

      As far as PA is concerned, I don’t think that there is a shortage of surveys. I just don’t seem to fit the demographic for many of them. I haven’t been offered one today, but when I’m not logged in I can see that there are currently 17 available studies, so it’s possible that there would be something suitable for you. I think the fact that I come from South Africa has a lot to do with how limited the opportunities available to me are.

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  11. sukriti says:

    i didn’t get any study from last 3 days ( from 18august to 21 )
    what is the problem?
    there are any bug please reply here

    • gina145 says:

      I sometimes go two weeks without getting a study, but other times I get three in one day. It’s not a bug, just that you may not fit the demographic the studies are looking for on a specific day.

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