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November 23, 2015 by gina145

Until recently, whenever I came across someone asking for advice on how to get an AdSense account, I always suggested they join WebAnswers. That was how I got my account.

But WebAnswers was more than that to me. After the Themestream debacle, WebAnswers was the first writing site at which I earned real money – meaning money I actually received.

Sarcastic Answers Classic White Coffee Mug
Sarcastic Answers Classic White Coffee Mug
by mrteeshirtshope

WebAnswers is a “Questions and Answers” site which runs entirely on its members’ contributions. Questions range from the highly personal to knowledge based questions in all fields of study, research on how best to earn money online, and even trivial questions like “What is your favourite colour?” It was through WebAnswers that I first discovered sites like HubPages and Bubblews which set me firmly on course to pursuing online writing seriously.

Some questions fall through the cracks and remain unanswered, but loyal members have always done their best to answer worthy questions while over-enthusiastic newbies will often answer the easy questions in the hopes of earning a little money without putting in any serious effort.

Unlike many other revenue sharing sites, WebAnswers has never paid its members for their contributions. Instead it places AdSense adverts on their behalf. This means that what you earn for your work is unpredictable, but you aren’t dependant on the survival of the site to get paid.

Before they can start earning money, newbies are required to write quality answers to 50 questions. They are then invited to create an AdSense account if they don’t already have one. Once they have been approved by AdSense and have associated that account with their WebAnswers account, their ads begin to appear in various areas on the site and money starts to trickle in.  Naturally the more active a member is, the more they will earn.

In the past, good writers with knowledge in high-paying categories were once earning really well, though Google updates over the years have seen income decline. This problem isn’t unique to WebAnswers though.

Sadly by the time I discovered WebAnswers in 2012, earning potential was not what it had once been, but it was still good enough to ensure that the site was buzzing with activity and there was a steady flow of new questions and answers.

Lately, however, all is not well at WebAnswers. At time of writing the site is still alive, but only just. For several weeks now it has been down a lot of the time, sometimes for days on end. Worse still, members’ ads are no longer appearing on the site and nobody has earned a cent there since the beginning of October. Through it all the site’s owners have been silent, leaving members to speculate on what the future holds. When the site is up and running, activity has come to a virtual standstill.

On the positive site, the fact that members earned through AdSense means that no unpaid earnings will be lost. Members who didn’t use AdSense elsewhere, however, will need to find another source of income if they want to receive their outstanding money.

WebAnswers was never a big earner for me, but it was an important site for me regardless. Without it I may never have got back into writing. For that I will be eternally grateful.

Though I’m not often active there, I hope that the site survives. It would be a shame to see all their members’ hard work go to waste.

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  1. SHOHANA says:

    first time hearing about the webanswer, its sounds good

  2. gina145 says:

    Hi @shohana. WebAnswers used to be a good site, but it’s not so good right now. We’re all waiting to see whether it will recover.

  3. Sherrye says:

    Rumor has it that the site is up for sale. Today, 12/29/15 it’s working, but no earnings are generated. Activity very sparse – lots of unanswered questions and ones with 1-3 answers.

    • gina145 says:

      It’s been a while since I visited the site so I wasn’t aware of that particular rumour. There were so many periods when it was either down or not functioning properly that I just gave up trying. It’s really sad to see so little activity, so I hope they find a buyer who can get the site back to where it was.

  4. Jeulyanna says:

    Webanswers is up and running but it will put your patience to test. Opening and replying takes forever. If you’re lucky, your answer is posted after a dozen of “maintenance” reminders. I’m praying that this legit money earning site would soon go back to its usual heydays.

  5. This is good to know. Thanks @gina145 for the information. I have an AdSense account, but earning is slow. I’m up to $76.00. I’m thinking that it will take til late summer to cash out, but it’s hard to say. People don’t often click the ads. They know what they are, and apparently they’re not always interesting enough. Many avoid clicking ads just because they know that someone will benefit. I think that’s a shame. When a person worked hard to provide free info, I don’t understand why some wouldn’t want that person to benefit.

    • gina145 says:

      @kimdalessandro I’ve had my AdSense account for a long time and I’ve only been able to cash out once. At the current rate I’m not sure I’ll be able to cash out again this year, but hopefully as my blogs get more established things will pick up.

      I’ve never considered the fact that people might avoid clicking ads to stop the author from benefiting. It’s really sad if that’s happening.

  6. Rbert says:

    Today I checked Webanswers and it’s gone. Google wants authority websites. The good news is you can use your knowledge on Youtube and give advice with videos. People are going to tell you, “Hey you’re going to need a lot of subscribers to make money. ” Cary Green only has 142 subscribers (topic: pass the SAFE exam) – his case study was released around May 7, 2016 on Side Hustle Nation.

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  8. lusoba isaya says:

    i want to know how web answer works am just a beginner

  9. Devi says:

    Excellent idea.it is very beneficial to start earning from home.

  10. Princess Erika Portuso says:


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