A Final Word on Quizbook

February 18, 2016 by gina145

Quizbook is a site whose main emphasis is on general knowledge. Through a wide selection of quizzes it rewards its members for their knowledge on a variety of topics. It also offers other games and is a fun site to spend a little time. However, if you’re only there for the money, there are easier ways to earn as much and more in a lot less time. Of the sites I’ve discussed so far, my personal favourite is Postloop.

If games and quizzes are your thing, however, don’t let me put you off trying it for yourself. Just be aware that you won’t earn much there unless you’re able to generate a lot of active referrals.

I won’t rehash all the details of the way the site works. Those can be found in my first post on Quizbook, written shortly after I joined the site. Although the owners made a few changes to the rules at the end of January, the basic format of the site remains the same – you have ten seconds to answer each multiple question and will earn a point for each correct answer.

To the best of my knowledge you won’t be rewarded for their other games, but if you’ve got some time to burn you might enjoy them. I tried one when I joined the site and found it quite challenging, failing to get beyond the third or fourth level. It was fun though, and I’d have loved to go back and try again, but I forced myself to resist the temptation because I find games seriously addictive and I knew that if I allowed myself to stick at it, I’d become so hooked to that part of the site that I’d end up spending hours there and would neglect a lot of the more important things I do both on and offline.

Even doing the quizzes was eating into my time so, when Quizbook’s rule change offered me the opportunity to cash out early, I reluctantly took it. I’d been committed to staying long enough to get paid, if only to be able to report back on the legitimacy of the site, so that was a short-cut to achieving my goal.

So, while I’m no longer a member, I’m happy to report that I found Quizbook to be a legitimate site and that I received every cent they owed me.

Update:  I’ve just discovered this post by another disgruntled Quizbook user. Apparently they made other changes which I was unaware of, in the process making it extremely difficult to earn anything there without paying for a membership upgrade.

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  1. shaloowalia says:

    Seems like an interesting site!

  2. I never heard od this one before but it sounds like an interesting site.

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