The Changing Face of HubPages

February 4, 2016 by gina145

Once upon a time online writing was a lucrative business and authors writing for sites which paid per view were earning good money.

The first such site I encountered was Themestream, but when that site failed I tried a couple of others. Sadly I’ve always had a knack of arriving late at the party and I never got paid by any of them.

By the time I discovered HubPages about a decade later its earning potential had already been hit by a series of Google updates, but at least the new generation of site owner had learned to adapt to changing circumstances, so the site survived and continued to grow. The fact that authors were earning less than they had in the past was unfortunate, but at least they were earning something for their hard work, unlike the Themestream authors who had been forced to start over again.

It wasn’t so easy for the new author though. My HubPages income has always been low but I’ve told myself that my knowledge and interests fell into the wrong niches, so I was never likely to make big money there.

The fact that I discovered Bubblews soon after joining HubPages didn’t help my cause either. Instead of trying to find more lucrative topics to write about, I went where the easy money was and to date Bubblews has still been my main source of writing income, even if I was cheated from time to time.

When the Bubblews bubble burst I, along with many others, made the foolish mistake of looking for another easy option, but none of the Bubblews clones have been able to make a go of it and many people have been stung over and over again.

Through it all, HubPages is the site that has survived. And now, in 2016, the HubPages management  want to see the site grow. They have just announced their plan to create a series of niche sites. The first two will be TatRing and PetHelpful, aimed at tattoo enthusiasts and animal lovers respectively.

Those aren’t niches I’ve ever written about, nor ones I’d ever planned to try. I have no tattoos, nor any desire to get any. Nor do I currently have any pets, though I’d like to believe that there is a little dog in my not-too-distant future. But for now, neither is a topic I feel I have anything to contribute to. And yet, I can’t help wondering…

It’s going to be interesting to see what the future holds for HubPages. Hopefully it will bring good things for its loyal members as well as a host of new authors seeking a good home for their work.

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  1. Found this post via Twitter. Thanks for hastagging it. I’m glad HUBPages is creating niche sites. Funniest thing though. For starters they picked two niches that I don’t give a crap about it! Anyway … wish them all the best!

    • gina145 says:

      Those niches aren’t ones that interest me either, but I’m tempted to see if I can come up with something suitable for one of them anyway. It would be quite a challenge though, as I’ve never written about something outside my comfort zone.

  2. shaloowalia says:

    I mainly publish my poems on hubpages. I have been there for around a year and have 103 featured hubs but negligible earnings.

  3. From those 3 sites I only joined Bubblews. 😊

  4. Perhaps I will return to hubs and give them a go again.

  5. I’ve been on HubPages since 2011 and feel lucky that I just happened to pick the site that ended up surviving. My earnings have gone up and down but the new niche sites seem to work very, very well and my earnings are now stable and increasing. I just hit the 10 million view mark. It takes time and a certain amount of luck to make good money on Hubpages (I have some really excellent pieces that have never gotten much traffic, especially a series I heavily researched about Alzheimer’s); however, with the niche sites you have a much better chance of getting good traffic. I have a steady monthly income now and that is really a nice thing to rely on.

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