Getting My Priorities Right

January 31, 2016 by gina145

I regularly visit a forum called WorkerOnBoard Talk looking for money making ideas and inspiration. Some days I participate in interesting discussions. Other days I simply read and learn.

A few days ago I came across a thread which asked the question “What are your weaknesses?” My answer was honest but by no means complete. At the time I didn’t think to mention that I struggle with decision making and that I often forget what my priorities are.

This is particularly pertinent when it comes to online work. It’s so easy to do mindless things like clicking on adverts or answering multiple choice questions at Quizbook that I tend to ignore the fact that those “jobs” simply aren’t worth the time and effort.

I justified my decision to join Quizbook by telling myself I was there to review the site and possibly pick up a few referrals who would help me to earn some extra money. The trouble is, I’ve discovered that the only way to earn meaningful money on that site is to have hundreds of active referrals. And to make that happen I’d have to work hard at promoting a site I don’t really believe in. I can’t do it.

Especially not after a recent update to Quizbook’s rules in which they’ve put a limit on the number of quizzes a member can answer in a day. I did the maths and realised that, as an unpaid member, the most I can hope to earn per day without active referrals is $0.20. I estimate it takes 30 minutes to earn that princely sum.

At the same time Quizbook offered me an easy way out. They gave me until today (31 January 2016) to decide whether I want to accept their new rules or whether I’d rather close my account. Rejecting the changes will allow me to cash out provided I have over $2.00 in my account, which I do. Accepting the new rules will move a potential payment back to the distant day when I reach $5.00.

The decision has been hard for me because I struggle to let go of anything that has been a part of my life. So I’ve kept clinging on to the crazy hope of bringing in some worthwhile referrals, while knowing full well that it isn’t going to happen.

In a moment of clarity this morning I contemplated the implications of both options. Is it worth spending 30 minutes per day rehashing the same old answers to the same old questions? Do I really need to memorise trivial facts like where and when Boris Becker was born or in which years he won Wimbledon?

That $0.20 per day won’t make or break me, but what about those 30 minutes? That’s time I can spend getting some fresh air while doing some long overdue work on my bonsai trees. What’s more, that work will be a source of new material to discuss in my bonsai blog. And while those blog posts may not bring me much money in the short term, they carry the potential for passive income for the life of my blog.

So I’ve made my decision. Quizbook has to go. It’s time to spend my time doing something that really matters. And if I really need that extra $0.20, I can easily earn it in less than half the time at Postloop.

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  1. janetwrites says:

    You have made the right decision. I also have problems making decisions and putting my priorities in the right order. This year I said to myself that I want to change that.

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