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January 19, 2016 by gina145

I first discussed Quizbook in a post I published on 8 December 2015, about a month after I joined the site. At the time I said:

I can assure you that you won’t get rich there, but you will get paid for having some fun and should improve your general knowledge at the same time.

I still hold that view. However, based on an update to the Quizbook terms of service, effective 1 February 2016, it seems that earnings are set to slow down.

Membership will now be split into three different account types, each with a daily limit on the number of quizzes you can take. The specifications are as follows:

  1. Standard account – a free account which limits you to 10 quizzes per day. As each quiz consists of 20 questions which will earn you one point if answered correctly, that means you can earn a maximum of 200 points (or $0.20) per day.
  2. Premium account – this carries a limit of 25 quizzes per day with maximum earnings of 500 points ($0.50).
  3. Gold account – the limit here is 50 quizzes per day with maximum earnings of 1000 points ($1.00).

In addition to this, you can still earn 20% commission on all your referrals’ income.

On a positive note, the minimum balance required to redeem your earnings has been reduced from $10 to $5. However, for a member with a standard account and no referrals, this will still take a minimum of 25 days to earn, and that presupposes that you take your full quota of quizzes every day and score 100% on all of them, which is highly unlikely.

The cost of upgrades to your account is as follows:

Premium account:

  • 1 month – $7
  • 3 months – $20
  • 6 months $35

A maximum earning potential of $0.50 per day (excluding referrals) works out at about $15 per month if you achieve 100% scores on every quiz, or a profit of $8 if you pay for one month, and slightly more if you pay for 3 or 6 months membership up front. Without a lot of active referrals, this isn’t a very good return on your investment.

Gold account:

  • 1 month – $20
  • 3 months – $55
  • 6 months $100

Again assuming scores of 100%, your maximum earning potential without referrals is about $30, giving you a profit of $10 for one month, so in terms of percentages, your return on investment has now become even less.

Clearly the only way to earn anything substantial at Quizbook is to have hundreds of active referrals, and for this an upgrade isn’t necessary.

Existing members have two options available to them:

  • accept the rules update to continue using the site
  • close your account. If you choose this option you can request withdrawal of your points provided that you have a minimum of $2.00 in your account.

At this stage I’m still undecided over which option to choose. One thing is certain though, I won’t be paying for an upgrade!

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  1. sebaonciu says:

    These changes definitely diminish my enthusiasm for Quizbook, but I saw that you can upgrade your account by using your Quizbook balance; when I reach $7 again I will use it to upgrade to premium for one month and see how things work. Anyway, I will never ever use my hard earned and little Paypal cash to upgrade there or on any other site!

    • gina145 says:

      @sebaonciu I would never invest my hard earned cash either. The closest I’ve ever come is reinvesting some of my earnings on PTC sites and that has never worked very well for me.

      I wish you luck reinvesting your earnings there and would love you to come back and let me know how it works out.

  2. Thanks for mentioning the update @gina145. I was reading some of your older posts. 🙂 Twenty cents per day? It would take a full month to earn just $6.00, and only if I could devote my time each day. It would be very time-consuming. It would have to be fun. I would also never pay using money earned elsewhere for an upgrade. Paying for the chance to earn more doesn’t make sense to me. You’d have to subtract the expense from your total earnings to figure out if it was worth it. I would also like to know how that works out. Sounds to me like they’re counting on people paying and not playing to the limit. It would be worth a try if you used Quizbook earnings, though. That’s a good idea @sebaonciu.

    • gina145 says:

      @kimdalessandro I imagine that most of their members don’t bother to do the sums and don’t realise how little there is to be gained from the upgrade. As far as I see it, the only way to earn anything substantial there is by getting a lot of referrals and I’ve never been very good at that.

  3. dawnwriter says:

    Great discussion here. I will definitely not use my own cash or points to upgrade but i am fine with 10 quizzes per day. If I compare this with Persona Paper or Chatabout, it is still acceptable.

  4. dawnwriter says:

    I will be staying too. I do not have time for more than 10 quizzes per day either but it is sort of fun to answer questions and earn money . i stick to Literature and Geography and earn quite quickly in these categories.

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