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November 26, 2015 by gina145

Update 5 August 2016:

ChatAbout closed without warning earlier this week. For a few hours there was a message on the site reading “Due to unforeseen circumstances, Chatabout is no longer available.” However that quickly vanished too and at time of writing all that remains is a blank page.

I first tried to join Chatabout sometime in 2014 after hearing good things about the site from some of my Bubblews friends.  I’m always cautious about what I sign up for, so I spent a lot of time wading through their terms of service and privacy policy. Once I was satisfied that it was a site I could work with, I signed up for an account through Facebook.

That’s when things got weird. Immediately a message appeared on my screen telling me that Chatabout wasn’t available in my country. Not only was I unwelcome as a member, but after that I was blocked from viewing the site at all. Despite this I received an email welcoming me to the site and would probably have received more mail from them if I hadn’t unsubscribed.

After my initial disappointment, I soon forgot all about the site. Then in March 2015 I discovered that Chatabout had opened membership to people from all countries and I was finally able to open my account.

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Chatabout works slightly differently from sites like Bubblews. You get paid for your activity, not for views, likes and comments received from others. One post is worth 100 points ($0.50), but it does have to be approved, so you won’t get away with writing some of the nonsensical things I used to see at Bubblews.

You can also write articles (20 points) or reviews (5 points), ask questions (2 points) and comment on what others have written (1 point per comment). They also have a daily poll (1 point) and daily path.

Update: I was unsure whether everyone earned the same amount for the daily path or whether it depended on what offers were available for a particular user. There was never anything available for me, but I always got 1 point for it. I’ve just found out that the amount Chatabout pays for the daily path has been increased to 5 points.

There is also a bonus area which has a variety of different offers, with points differing from one offer to the next. Among these offers are surveys as well as videos which you are paid to watch (1 point each). Members in some countries even get paid points for listening to Radio Loyalty. I’ve tried using it and quite enjoyed one of the radio stations I found there, but sadly it doesn’t seem to pay in my country.

There is also a place to set your daily goal, and if you meet it you will earn a bonus for your day’s activity. And Chatabout has what they call Double Points Tuesday, where you have the opportunity to earn double the normal rate for your activity in a particular category. The catch is that Chatabout doesn’t tell you which category is paying double on any given Tuesday, so you have to try out the various categories until you find one that pays double.

Once you have earned 1000 points, you can claim your ‘prize’ of $5. I get paid through PayPal but could claim an Amazon Gift Voucher instead if I chose to. It’s possible that there are more options available in other countries.

On occasion I’ve come across former Chatabout users who claim their accounts have mysteriously been closed and that they haven’t been paid. When I first encountered similar complaints about Bubblews a few years ago, my immediate reaction was to believe that they must have broken the rules. Sadly Bubblews proved me wrong and today I’m reluctant to say who’s right and who’s wrong. All I can say is that I’ve never had a problem getting my money from Chatabout and hopefully I never will.

If you’re interested in trying the site, I’d be grateful if you’d use my referral link, but if you choose not to do so, I understand. Either way, I wish you luck in your future online ventures.


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  1. luciaanna says:

    @gina145 Sometime ago I joined this site, but now I am not active: lack of time.

  2. Jessica says:

    I loathe ChatAbout. The moderator deleted my posts after I made a statement about hoping the site’s changes in payment and points would work out but I was a little disappointed by the changes. He responded with “Yep, deleting this” and posted an extremely passive-aggressive comment in the section to everyone saying “If you post something you think will offend us, maybe think twice.” Okay buddy, you can knock off the attitude! I think the concept is pretty spiffy, but I have little patience for rudeness when I haven’t been rude. Has the moderator chilled out any (to your knowledge)?

    • gina145 says:

      @jessica I’m really sorry that happened to you. Nothing like that has ever happened to me, but I’ve never written anything about the site other than asking a couple of questions about how things work when I got started. To be honest I don’t even know who the moderator is.

  3. TAlberts says:

    ChatAbout blocked me after a few weeks of being active there and I did not know what I have done. They did not respond to my questions. My articles are still there but without my name. They deleted the authors name but I still know because I put my name on my photos. That site is SCAM!!!

    • gina145 says:

      @thelme55 That’s awful. I think I saw you mention this problem previously and it’s always worried me a bit. I’ve never posted any content at Chatabout that I would want to use anywhere else but like to use the site for easy points.

  4. Andria Perry says:

    I have not joined yet because it seems like a lot of work for such a small amount of money. I would SO like someone to pay me hundreds of dollars to write!

    • gina145 says:

      @andriaperry I’m sure we’d all like that but for most of us it’s a dream that will never come true. I don’t put a lot of work into Chatabout, preferring to save my better work for sites like BlogJob and HubPages. At Chatabout I go for the easy points for the daily poll and path, watching videos and adding the odd comment to discussions. I don’t expect to earn a lot there, but over time those cents do add up.

  5. gina145 says:

    @jessica Don’t worry about it. I value honest comments.
    I’m writing about my experience on a variety of earning sites, showing the good and the bad. And I did admit in the body of my post that some people have had problems there because I don’t want to give false impressions. Chatabout isn’t my favourite site, but I don’t like to put all my eggs in one basket, so I spend a little time there every day.

  6. SHOHANA says:

    i have earned a good amount of money from chatabout but the earning is damn slow

  7. peachpurple says:

    i heard a lot of pros and cons, need to read more reviews

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