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Christmas is around the corner

With Christmas around the corner, I have found that many things have suffered this holiday season including my writing.

There is still so many things I want to accomplish and so very little time to get it all done in. So far I have some baking done but I am still wanting to make a few more staples to go with the mountains and mountains of goodies that will make their way to my Christmas Eve table of munchies.

We have many traditions that we do over this holiday time. One is to have a munchie night. Our munchies consist of crackers, cheese, garlic sausage rounds, pickles. oysters, mini sausages, and lots of goodies.  With all the hustle and bustle it is nice to have a relaxing night with not a lot of effort going into dinner. We always cook a turkey on Christmas Day, so it is nice to have something light the day before and then all I have to do is pull out any leftovers for lunch the next day for those who are hungry.

Christmas day is pretty hectic around here. I do most of the cooking as it has kind of become a holiday tradition to have Christmas Day at my house. I love the gathering of my family.

I think that the only thing that seems to be getting difficult every year is figuring out what to get my family members. Even my children were difficult to get for this year. Every year I say the same thing… I should start my shopping a bit early this year… Every year it never seems to work out. I think that this year was a bit easier as I was able to buy here and there throughout the year from book orders from Scholastic and other places. I am going to try a new tactic next year and buy a gift each month. Whether it is for my children or a friend, I am wanting to be ahead next year.

With all my ramblings finished, I would like to wish you and yours a wonderful Christmas and a prosperous new year 🙂

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