Sunshine in darkness……..

Yesterday……… I walked outside. I felt the cool mist flying around in the somewhat warm air, hoping it wouldn’t mess up the freshly done make-up or newly straightened hair. While it didn’t mess up my make-up it did cause just a touch of frizz in my hair. But I couldn’t help but smile just a little. Right before I stepped outside, I remember hearing the weatherman say we could possibly see just peek or two of sunshine today.

So a small glimpse into the smile. I looked down to left of me and holding my hand was this little gorgeous blue eyed boy, laughing hysterically. Apparently the mist on his face was quite the laughing matter. You see he was not expected a while ago. Before I had him, I had two miscarriages and had pretty much given up the thought of ever having a child…….. let alone two. So here was this handsome little blonde boy laughing and holding my hand. Then I look down (way down) to my right hand and here is this little hazel eyed beauty laughing so hard because apparently her brother is really really funny. This light brown haired girl, who I wasn’t supposed to have, considering the doctor told me my chances of conceiving again let alone carrying and successfully delivering would be .001%, basically a miracle. And yet here I was with both these little miracles holding tightly to my hands. Laughing as if the world was never going to hurt them. Right at that moment nothing else mattered to me but hearing that laughter.

So in that moment when the weatherman stated a peek or two of sunshine could be seen, I realized I have to living beems of sunshine. No matter what storms I have faced, or the storms that the future inevitably holds, I will have some sunshine. And these two little peeks of sunshine call me “Mommy”

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