May Your Passion Drive You to Wealthy Affiliate — Towards Making Your Dreams Come True

So.. What’s your passion? What inspires you? Is it golfing? Gardening? Dancing?

Everyone may have passions, that are on the ‘back-burner’ — of which, if focused upon and developed, can turn into something awesome! Or, perhaps, you are working on your passion — and need a place to help you to show you ways, in which, you may prosper from sharing what you are passionate about.

If you are a blogger or a webmaster, who wants to learn (more) about the technical aspects of turning your dream or passion into something the works to help make you successful, then, Wealthy Affiliate, may be something positive that you may want to explore, with your drive to succeed and prosper.

Becoming a member of a super affiliate community, that allows you to ask specific questions, explore training courses/tutorials to become well-educated in affiliate marketing, is simple and well-worth the step. A step, in the right… direction; with a lot of perks and like-minded people, who will help you in your business path.

As a Wealthy Affiliate  member, you are in very good company and care. They have one of the best support groups (24/7), which can guide you towards the best direction and allow you to ask questions about whatever is on your mind, involving your affiliate journey of taking your passion, and nurturing your desires towards affiliate success.

As a Wealthy Affiliate member, you will have access to great affiliate marketing tools, to help you take your passion, and turn it into the inspiration, that may stir you into acting, prompting a manefestation of your visualization of success, into a reality of a dream come true.

Joining the Wealthy Affiliate community, may, very-well be, the best decision ever. The members will indeed, help you understand the technical points of affiliate marketing, as well as, offer an uplifting moral-support, if need-be.

If you are an affiliate marketer, sharing your expertise (as a Wealthy Affiliate member) regarding that wonderful world, may be a great and well-appreciated wonderful thing, as well.

It’s a ‘win-win’ for everyone…

Remarkably Stunning Purple-Pallette Makeup Choice and Application Results


This, has got to be, one of the most awesome purple makeup tutorials, that I’ve (currently) seen.

If you check out the video below, you too, may be intriqued; amazed; mesmerized and delighted, by the beauty and artistic skill that the lovely demonstrator in the video, shows. (Not to mention — the remarkable results.)

The art of taking a fresh-face, and applying a precise choice of makeup; and blending it, until you have created a ‘work of beauty’ with artful balance, with subtle strokes, shades and highlights — contouring and enhancing the bare fresh-face, until, the polished-look of georgeousness pop-out, is quite a skill and a talent, that an excellent makeup artist may have. And — if the artist can make her own-self, look like a georgeous model — then, she certainly has a great power and a gift. Would you also agree?

Not everyone has good skin, features, or bone-structure. However — Enhancing and maximizing one’s looks, to achieve a maximizing lift, can certainly be a cool thing.

The makeup demonstrator in the video below, initially started with a pretty fresh-face. And… She ended-up, looking like a super-georgeous model… who skillfully shows us, the power of what a good brush and the right makeup colors can do, when applied precisely — and subtly blended-out, to achieve a (doll-like) beautiful enhancement of already-there, lovely features.

What do you think of the beuatiful ‘purple-pallette’ results? Pretty stunning and impressive, would you also say?

(There is just one thing though… If you are a man — Do you find that if you meet a gorgeous-looking woman, and later, you find that a great-part of her alluring good-looks came from a great makeup job — are you okay with that? Or — Do you somehow feel let-down or deceived by the makeup cover/enhancement? If so, can you explain? And, how do you feel about makeup (in general)?

If you are a woman — How do you feel, about the power of makeup? Do you tend to use it to (simply) hide your flaws? Or do you use it to (dramatically and artistically) enhance your features, while expressing your creativity — just like, fashionably wearing clothing?

Would You Like to Share On PaidViewpoint?

Currently, there are so many survey/opinion sites out there, that probably frustrate yourself as much as they frustrate the heck out of me. Do you know the ones, that make you feel like your effort in effectively accomplishing the survey completely, is futile? Been there… done that; right? It’s like, when one survey company lets you know that you are not qualified to complete a survey, even though you spent (wasted) your time getting halfway through it. (Not fun… but, at least we try; right?)

One of the things that I like about PaidViewpoint — is, that you can actually accomplish things when you take surveys. And the things are, such as, earning more substantially; and not just (necessarily) simply being entered in sweepstakes or earning ‘points’ (like, in the others). Pennies, soon, add-up to dollars; from my experience. Plus, the referral program is pretty straightforward too; and the layout of the site is clear and the site is easy to navigate.

Have not earned enough yet, to cash-out; but, I’m gaining momentum; which is about-time, since, it’s been (up-until-now) like a ‘beating-a-dead-horse’ when it comes to some of the other survey-taking/opinion-sharing platforms. (Do you ‘feel’ me, on this topic?) (My guess, is that you do.) If you do, you may also want to join PaidViewpoint — and bust out of the futile cycle of wasting precious time, with the confidence in knowing, that your opinion-sharing, can be shared on a platform that does not (seriously, waste your time) by sending you back to square one.

PaidViewpoint really is different, (in my humble ‘opinion’; how about yours?) Have you ever been a part of PaidViewpoint? And if you have, isn’t it cool? It’s not a complicated or tedious site. It’s very straightforward. Have you experienced something similar? If you have, can you please share your thoughts and experience? (Thanks, for your time.)

A Perspective About the States of Being Healthy — Wealthy — Wise — and Beautiful

To be healthy, wealthy, and wise — is one thing. However — How about the state of having health; wealth; wisdom; and… beauty? Is that something, that we all wish for and strive to attain? Or, is beauty, the main attribute that society focuses upon and strives for? 

Certainly, being beautiful (or, as attractive as one can be) is an important part of dating, mating, and evolution; (not to mention, actors; models; and celebrities). 

However — Wouldn’t it be unusual, if we placed as much focus and energy on our health; wealth; and our intellect — as we (place value, and) focus on our own beauty, as well as, the beauty of others?

The connection of beauty to health; wealth; and intellect (or wisdom), is that health is (typically) indicated by beauty (or symmetry). Wealth, is also indicated by beauty — for, maintaining the body, is essential to being healthy; and wealth, is typically needed to achieve and maintain that state of being. Therefore, wealth; health; and beauty, go hand-in-hand. As well as — wisdom, intellect, (or brains, if you will), are also connected to health, intellect, wealth, and beauty. For, intelligent wealthy men, tend to get the hot babes; not because the babes are necessarily “bubble-headed” — but, because, with (physical-symmetrical attractiveness) beauty, there is a positive physical flow and a well-development of genes, that is a focus and desire by an innate drive to connect with those virtuous women.

It is ironic, that we tend to stereo-type some hot babes, as being “bubble-headed” — when, actually, they may be a wee-bit more (genetically) advanced; so therefore, we (for some egotistical reason) need to label them, in a minimizing way, perhaps, because we don’t like to feel like inadequate mortals, compared to hot babe angels.

On the other-hand — we don’t nessessarily glamorize gifted scientists, as they may be intellectually advanced, yet — ironically, “not” typically “stud-muffins.”

We do, however — tend to glamorize successful businessmen, who have a head for numbers; and and eye for “hot babe” figures. 

What are your thoughts, about the connection of health, wealth, intellect, and beauty; along with the ironical double-standard of how society tends to stereotype intelligent (and beautiful) men and women, and what it means to be successful, advanced, or blessed with the combined states of being: healthy; wealthy; wise; and beautiful?



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