The Dreaded Mosquito



Yes, unfortunately we have now come to that time of year where mosquitoes will be prominent. We all want to avoid Mosquito bites and rightfully so. These can be itchy and irritating to have. Unfortunately the Mosquito is quite sneaky usually we don’t know we have been bitten till after the fact. This is also a very frightening thing about the Mosquito. I don’t need to tell anyone here that Mosquitoes aren’t just irritants but they are also carriers of different diseases. These make getting a Mosquito biet all that more scary. So I felt the need to go over a few of these viruses not to alarm anyone but to make them aware that this pest can cause other problems not just irritated skin.

Zika: No doubt one many of us have heard about these days on the news. However, it seems to be the one getting all the publicity while the other conditions fall by the waste side. Yes, Zika can be serious especially for pregnant woman no doubt about that and there are symptoms to look out for these are: rash, joint pain, fever. Unfortunately, for many of us these symptoms mimic other conditions and unless we are pregnant odds are it’s nothing to worry about. However, pregnant women are another story all together since Zika has been linked to birth defects in newborns.

West Nile: One of the more common illnesses these days transmitted by a Mosquito bite. Some individuals who have it display little or no symptoms. Others have flu like symptoms that take awhile to go away. However, West Nile has also been determine to be fatal in those who are already in poor health, children and the elderly.

Chikungunya: This one was the Zika of 2013. Suddenly this virus that was more commonly found in Africa and Asia was being found in individuals in other parts of the world. Since that time no new reports of

Chikungunya have been found anywhere but the region that it’s known to be found. However, the symptoms of Chikungunya are as follows: muscle pain, headache, fever, joint pain and fatique.

These are just a few of the viruses that a Mosquito can transmit. No doubt many of us have also heard of Malaria and Yellow Fever as well. However, although the CDC continues to monitor for these there hasn’t been a new case in any area of the world for decades now. With summer upon us no doubt we will all find ourselves encountering the dreaded Mosquito the thing to do is to take precautions such as wearing a type of repellant, but one thing not to do is live in fear.

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Keeping Hydrated with Stomach Flu



This is one of the issues that a person has to deal with when having the stomach flu. It’s not always easy but a person will need to stay hydrated to get the essential fluids into their body. In most cases the virus won’t last more than a few days but in that time there are some fluids that odds are the body won’t reject, here is a list of some that are proven effective.

Lemon Lime Soda: This is a good thing to drink to help settle the stomach. Keep in mind though that it’s best to drink the regular version as oppose to a diet one because the extra sugar is essential.

Ginger Ale: Just like lemon lime this soft drink can help settle the stomach. It also contains the ginger root which is beneficial in stomach ailments.

Apple Juice: The pectin in this juice can also help to settle the stomach and the juice will also provide nutrients.

Pedialyte: Yes, a drink for a baby, but children can drink it too especially when having the stomach flu to help give nutrients and electrolytes back into the body.

Sport Drinks: These could be considered an adult answer to Pedialyte. These are also good for re hydrating the body and giving back electrolytes.

Those are some drink physicians recommend along with health magazines as way of keeping hydrated while sick. It’s important to keep in mind that keeping hydrated is essential during this time because it’s easy to become dehydrated. As you can see standard water isn’t on the list, believe it or not this one may not stay down in the stomach, although it is important to still drink some water none the lesse. Also keep in mind and this is improtant that if symptoms continue to persist beyond a few days, it’s best to consult your family physician. The condition could be something besides the common stomach virus.


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Natural Doesn’t Mean Safe.



I think this is something that some people take for granted when they take a vitamin supplement or a natural holistic herb, that it’s safe to take. But this isn’t always the case, just because an herb is natural or comes from a natural source such as Omega 3 coming from fish oil, that doesn’t always mean its safe and that we shouldn’t take the time to learn all we can about the product first.

A prime example of this is Senna, this is a natural herb that is used as laxative in the body. I have to admit that using Senna is something I did live to regret. I found that I had extreme cramping while taking the product. But guess what? The experience didn’t stop me from taking Senna since I didn’t think I was at risk of having any problems from it,. That was until someone close to me was also taking a Senna product and ended up with some serious health issues due to an existing intestinal condition they had no idea they had till Senna made it worse.

This is just one example unfortunately, of no doubt many. We don’t stop to think about what the side effects could be from a natural supplement. For that matter we might not even think about the fact that the supplement might interact with a medication we are currently on. Yet these things have been known to happen. Best course of action besides consulting a doctor if you are currently under the care of one consult the Internet. This is something I always do when prescribed medication and I have also done so about natural supplements. The Internet has much information on natural supplements including side effects.

.Natural doesn’t always mean that it’s safe. Let’s remember this is still something being introduced into our bodies. So, it’s always a good idea to be armed with as much information as possible.

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Treating Insect Bites Naturally


Insect bites can be quite annoying especially the Mosquito bites which can cause a great deal of itching and irritation. Yes, there are many ointments and creams on the market to help eliminate this problem but what if they aren’t working for you. Also, what if you are someone who prefers to go green and use only natural products. With insets again becoming a problem that plagues us all I thought I would share some natural ways that can treat these bites along with bites from other insects. There are some natural and effective alternatives to the over the counter insect bite treatments, some of these are the following:

Vinegar: In any form vinegar immediately applied to an insect bite can help relieve the stinging and itching. Lemon or lime juice can also be used in place of the vinegar to help relieve the itching and can also help ward against infection.

Garlic: Take a peeled clove of garlic and rub it along the bite itself. It may not smell the greatest but can work to eliminate the itching and irritation.

Honey: Smells better then garlic and in its purest form can be applied to the insect bite. The only draw back here is that the substance can be sticky to apply to skin. Word of caution though, this treatment shouldn’t be used while venturing outside, since honey will attract bees which could lead to another problem.

Tea Tree Oil: This one can smell a whole lot worse then garlic but this extract has gotten a reputation for being natures antiseptic. It works very effective to clean and treat wounds as well as insect bites.

Baking Soda and Water: Mix baking soda and water into a paste. Then place it on to the insect bite. Fine salt can be used in place of the baking soda in creating the paste, and be just as effective in relieving the itching as well as the irritation.

Ice Packs: There is something about ice that can help relieve the itching of an insect bite. The ice can be applied for to the infected area for no more than a half hour and the itching will usually be relieved.

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Have an Earache, See A Dentist?



This may sound like some silly advice to give someone, but I know from personal experience that this may definitely hold true. When we stop to think of about it the human head is quite connected. When we catch a cold doesn’t it settle in our ears and in our sinus cavity. So, wouldn’t it stand to reason that the teeth in our mouth could have the same effect?

As I said before I have some experience in what I am saying here. Years ago I was having severe sinus headaches. I went to see the doctor had x-rays done they couldn’t figure out why I was having such headaches other thane for some reason the sinuses weren’t draining the way they should be. The doctor put me on antibiotic and pain killers that was the end of it. It wasn’t until a few months later when I started having mouth pain that I wondered if I had a cavity only to go to the dentist and be told I had a wisdom tooth issue. Guess what the tooth was actually pressing on the sinus cavity on that side. When the tooth was removed through oral surgery I started having a nose bleed that cleared up in about an hour but the sinus still bothered me for a few days after that.

This is just one example of what I am referring to. I also know someone who swore up and down for months that they had an ear problem. They kept seeing their doctor took countless antibiotics and even saw a specialist. Yet no one could pin point the cause of the ear problem. It wasn’t until they started to experience severe mouth pain that they realized they had a tooth problem. They went to the dentist and were told that one of their main molars not only was decaying but was now abscessing because the problem wasn’t dealt with immediately.

So, moral of the two stories above that I wish to share with all of you. If you have a problem such as serious sinus issues and severe ear pain, yet no doctor has been able to determine why it might be time to see a dentist. Yes, unfortunately dentistry isn’t completely covered by most health plans if at all but the health of our teeth can effect our over all health in general.

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Do We Know What Medications are Doing to Us?



This is something that I have pondered for quite some time.  After all, many of us take medications, and some such as myself on a daily basis.  Yet when we take the medications do we stop to think what is going on in our bodies.  I don’t mean to frighten anyone here because after all sometimes we have no choice in the matter.  I know that I don’t, there are certain medications that I have to take on a daily basis due to existing health conditions.

But I wonder at times if this is a case of being in a no win situation.  After all, how many of us have seen those commercials for a new drug?  These start out harmless enough telling us about the benefits of the medication, the next thing we know it takes a dark turn.  Why, because according the regulations put down by the FDA these commercials must also discuss possible side effects.  This is where we start to wonder if these drugs are a good idea.  Although, those little sheets we get when we pick up a prescription drug or reading the back of a box of over the counter medication can be just a scary when we get to the side effects.

Side effects do happen and so do drug interactions.  I know from person experience, I have had both.  I recently had to be removed from a blood pressure medication due to side effects that were inhibiting my day to day life.  I also have had an incident of drug interaction.  So, what do we do?

Well, as scary as these sheets maybe read them even if it takes a magnifying glass, sometimes the print is that small.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions of your doctor if it’s a new medication.  The same applies to a pharmacist.  Do further research online about the medication itself, sometime the information we are given isn’t enough.  Also, learn about drug interactions.  This is very important when taking more than one medication as I do.  It’s important to know which ones are safe to take together and which ones should be taken a few hours apart.

Whatever the case as hard as it maybe at times to accept if a medication is prescribe to us for an existing condition than we need to take it.  But it’s important to be well informed about the medication first and to always ask questions.  We need to know what to look out for while taking it.


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Treatments For Hives



Hives is a skin irritation which is identified by the forming of red puffy itchy bumps on the skin. Hives are usually caused by an allergic reaction. This can be due to something the individual came in contact with such as poison ivy. Sometimes the irritation will only appear on a few areas of the body which came in direct contact with the cause of the reaction. However, hives can also break out all over the body. The reason, the person ingested something that caused the allergic reaction. I am well versed with this one, because a few years back that is exactly what happened to me. I apparently had an acute allergic reaction to a medication that I took that led to me breaking out in hives. The irony though is this was a medication that can easily be obtained over the counter, and I took it before in the past. According to my doctor though because I am now on prescription medication that I wasn’t on in the past the reaction could have been caused by a drug interaction. In any case I now have to avoid that medicine and have it place on the list of drugs I am allergic to. Anyway, during this time I did learn somethings about how to treat hives that I wanted to share with all of you.

Ice Packs: Ice can actually help to relieve the itching caused by hives. The ice can also help to relieve some of the swelling as well. The only issue is that this treatment works better when the hives are more isolated to one spot having hives in more than one area makes it kind of hard to use this one effectively. Also note that ice packs are great to relieve the itching of an insect bite.

Baking Soda: I have found that this is a versatile product to have around the house just like vinegar. It seems to have many different uses including helping to relieve the itching associated with hives. I found this one to really help me when I had my case, what I did was I created a paste using baking soda and water. I then placed the pasted over the infected areas. Keep in mind though as I discovered this one can be messy to use but it is effective in relieving the itching.

Epsom Salts: Take a bath in Epsom salts to help to relieve the itching. Keep in mind though that it has to be lukewarm water, not hot. Hot water will actually irritate hives further.

Epsom Salts: No surprise with this one, no doubt many of us have heard the benefits of taking a bath in Epsom Salts to help relieve skin irritation. The thing to keep in mind though is to always take the bath in lukewarm water, not hot. Hot water will actually irritate hives further.

Corn Starch: One of the things that corn starch is great for while dealing with hives is it help prevent perspiration which can irritate hives further. It can be used as a body powder, but is far more natural an alternative.

Benedryl: This is one of the most common medications to use for a case of hives. It is sold over the counter in pill and cream form. But there is something to remember with Benedryl it is still a drug, and if you are on other medications its a good idea to check with your doctor before taking Benedryl to ensure there are no drug interactions. I learn this one the hard way. Also, when taking the pill form of Benedryl don’t use the cream form, the box clearly states this because its getting too much of the Antihistamine ingredient into the body.

See a Doctor: As I found out in my case if the above treatments don’t work within three days time then its time to see a doctor. They can help determine the cause of the hives and also prescribe other medications to help combat the problem. Doctors can also see to it that the necessary injections are administered if needed.

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Vertigo: A Real Symptom of a Real Condition




How many of you remember the classic Alfred Hitchcock film “Vertigo” where Jimmy Stewart played a man who had a fear of heights, every time he got up high he would experience dizziness and lightheaded? I admit that I am a bit like this character, I too have an issue with high places especially ones that are wide open like an outside fire escape. But there are some people who actually experience vertigo while on the ground. In fact, it can happen to them at the strangest times such as while walking down the street. I have a close family member who experiences this condition or should I say symptoms. The reason I say symptoms is because that is what vertigo is actually is a symptom to another condition that the individual has. So, with that in mind symptoms of vertigo should not be ignored, The individual experiencing vertigo especially for longer then a week and it has become worse over this time should consult a physician to find the cause.

So, what kind of conditions that can cause vertigo?

Ear Infections: This is one of those that isn’t that serious usually when the infection clears up the vertigo will tend to go away. However, in some case it doesn’t, this leads to the next cause.

Inner ear problem: This is a common cause of vertigo and unfortunately, one that very few treatments can be done to help with. One of the things a person can do is try to keep water from going into the ear. The reason it’s fluid that is causing the problem for the most part so wearing ear plugs while swimming or in the shower could be recommended.

Colds and Flu: Not uncommon for someone to feel this way while sick. Again the inner ear is involved. This isn’t an issue unless the vertigo continues once the person gets better.

Migraine or serious headache: Another common issue that can cause vertigo but isn’t serious. Usually once the headache clears up the vertigo will usually go away as well.

Allergy Issues: May sound silly but those who have inner ear problems could experience issues with vertigo during allergy season. This season usually comes in Spring time when pollen counts are higher.

Heart Issues: These can lead to a change in blood flow, which can lead to cases of vertigo in individuals. If a person knows they have a heart condition and start to experience vertigo its important that they contact their cardiologist to make sure that there are no serious changes in their condition.

Head Injury: Any individual who hits their head and starts to experience vertigo as a result needs immediate medical help. Once again it may only be an inner ear problem due to the head injury but a person shouldn’t take that chance it could be something more serious.

Menopause: In women its not uncommon for them to experience some vertigo while in this stage of their lives, but once again it may be important to consult a doctor to make sure that this is the only reason for the lightheaded problem.

Drug Side Effects: This one I am quite familiar with myself. There are some medications that will make a person feel dizzy or lightheaded. These usually will tell individuals on labels. I can’t stress this enough when a doctor prescribes a new medication ask questions about the common side effects.

The woman I know actually fall under four of these categories where as I fall under two now. The individual I know has a heart condition but fortunately according to her cardiologist, it wasn’t the cause. She also has an inner ear problem and is now in menopause. Also, there are times of years such as Spring she experiences more vertigo due to allergy issues.

As for me I fall under two of the categories and perhaps for the first time in my life other than my issue with open heights I am experiencing light signs of vertigo due to medications and entering menopause. So, what can a person do about the issue, there are some treatments such as taking a motion sickness medication or some effective exercises that can be found on you tube, but for the most part all the patient can hope for is that eventually the problem will clear itself up. Right now I don’t have it too serious to where I have explore such options, what I do is just stop and grab hold of something till my head starts to clear. Not the easiest thing to do in public, but it’s one of the course of action that can be taken with vertigo.

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Welcome to my Health Experiences


First of all let me go on record as saying that I am not a member of the medical field.  The closest I have come to being a member of the medical field was working for my mother for six years as a Care Attendant.  Believe it or not that job did come with quite a bit invaluable information that I will be sharing here with all of you.

This is just one example of family health issues that I dealt with over the years.  My father also had RA for all my life and so I learn some about this condition as well.  Than there were my brother’s and sisters believe it or not the health conditions they deal with can lead to us learning things.

Than there is myself, unfortunately I can tell you that I am not the healthiest of individuals either.  I have had conditions over the years and learn some stuff from them.  I also have existing health conditions that I deal with each and every day.  These require me to take medications which will also be addressed here.

So, why did I choose to take my health experiences here?  Because no doubt some of you also have these conditions as well and may have some questions.  Some of you might also have information of your own to share on certain subjects which is also welcomed.  My main goal is helpful through my life experiences regarding health.  I have learn some information on many conditions regarding our health.  I have also learn some natural remedies as well for some conditions.  Please note though that no advice or information I give here will ever replace any doctor.  Nothing found here on the Internet will, it’s always a good idea to consult an actual physician, this site is strictly for research purposes only.

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