Nutrition has to be fun

You know, I often think of ways to improve others and me, and my mentor and coach Bob Proctor has advised me to first help the self as in me …Read more

In the equation that adds up

So this means mathematics is inside vitamins, or we can compare it to that, and actually explain it like mathematics? To that I can say yes, and that is after …Read more

Vitamin A signal

Let me begin to mention that our eye consists as you know of our pupil and the iris, between the white and pupil. Iris is the muscle as I see …Read more

A vitamin mystery

B12 vitamin or chemically known as cobalamin is in few ways considered as a part that is rumored, to be a missing part in etc. a vegan diet. Why that …Read more

Animal eyes

Taurine has a bigger role than first anticipated. This statement is coming because a previous article I have written, I have outlined that taurine is part of our brain’s response …Read more

Suit yourself

Health is a priority and I take it very seriously, almost an obsession, so when I help people getting better health, then I always ask what they ate for breakfast …Read more

Shake vs Formula 1

This one is special to me as I am celebrating my ninth year of consuming the shakes from herbalife. As I have passed these years and coming to my decade, …Read more

Perception of vitamins

I am the one who have a passionate side to study all things, I question very much, that is something people have been taught to decrease or eliminate as service …Read more

Nutrition v candy

Nutrition whether it is in solid or liquid state, it should be consumed as candy the way I see it. I have this title and the content of the V …Read more

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