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I have the strong feeling that the purpose of me being here on Earth until now is that I belong to the list of people that will give their time and care for animals. God send me here on Earth to be part of people who will be taking charge of giving voice to animal as cruelty is expected in different forms. When I was born, there is this cat that do not leave me alone. She is always beside me. My mother used to share it with me. I do not remember that cat but according to her, that cat seems to be protecting me from mosquitoes and flies. When I started to walk, the cat walks with me. She is seem happy that finally I can walk and she can walk with me.

At present, as far as I remember, I had rescued a lot of cats and kittens. I rescued them during fires, typhoon and during evacuation. I give them food and shelter. If they chose to stay with me, I will take care of them. If they chose to just visit for food, then that is okay. After cat, my family adopt puppies that became victim of selfish owners, puppies that are abandoned in the street. Sometimes, we will found a puppy or kittens at our door. Many people in our place know how we care for pets so they give those pets to us to saved them. We use our own money to spend foods, medicine and veterinary check up for them. We are not rich, we do not have enough money but when it comes to pets we put away something from our wallet because we love them. They have lives, so we must take care of them.

We are in grief, whenever there is a pet dying. We are hurt and it is not easy to move on. Whenever we see there is an animal that became victim of cruelty, we pray for them. I participate in I do my best to become part of something that will change humanity and save animals. My source of happiness now is when I found out that there is animal that have been saved because of non stop support of people all over the world.

As long as I live, I will never stop to become part of this advocacy for I believe in the power of Humanity to change the world, we are just starting it with animals.


4 thoughts on “Animal Advocate”

  1. Shane says:

    I also love animals, friend. I had six cats before and two dogs now, but I lost my male dog tonight.

    1. Grecy Garcia says:

      Wow, high fives, I love to have friends who loves animals. It only means we are destined to be friends Shane

  2. I participate in too. Nice to find someone else who does…even though they tend to stick a lot of things I don’t support in behind something I do.

    1. Grecy Garcia says:

      I support only those about animal cruelty, and some unfair matters with people. I love being an advocate and this kind of thing means a lot to me

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