today was my good day.


Hey friends!

How are you?

I hope you all are fine.

I am fine too.

What is going on?

How was your day?

Today my day was a awesome.

Today I spend my day with my mom.

I love my mom a lot.

Do you love your mom?

Two years is going to be passed.  Before two years. My marriage held. After marriage I know the importance of my parents. I respect my parents a lot before and now too. But now a days there is no any day. When I did not miss my mom and dad. Mom and dad are really blessings of God. There is no any thing like mom and dad.

Before marriage I spend my whole life in grooming my self. I passed my whole life in schools,  colleges , acedemy and university. At the night I got free and just slept. I have no any memories which I spend with my family. When I was in masters. There are two years of master in Pakistan. One year has passed my marriage settled.  I complete my remaining one year after marriage. So, I did not spend any time with my family. Now I miss my family specially I miss my mom a lot. But now I have no enough time to spend with my family. It is my humble request to all the girls. Please spend more and more time with your family. So that u will not regret to the time which will be passed.

Now I would like to share some quotes with you.

My mom is the most beautiful women I ever saw in my life.

When you are mother you are not a lone you have to think twice once for you and once for your child.

So, always pay attentions to your mothers and always respect them.

Thank you.