Project Nimbus Is The Mecha Action Game Everyone’s Been Waiting For

Project Nimbus Is The Mecha Action Game Everyone's Been Waiting ForProject Nimbus is a love letter to everything that we love in mecha animes and games.

Project Nimbus – Steam Early Access trailer

Project Nimbus is coming to Steam Early Access!

Project Nimbus is a high-speed mecha action game set in the future, where humanity has moved to the skies, leaving behind the old surface ravaged by wars in the past. The game is made by a small indie game studio based in Thailand called GameCrafterTeam and published by KISS Ltd. Their past works include Hypersonic 4, an Ace Combat clone which was pretty underwhelming overall. This might trigger exclamation alarms at first, but thankfully GameCrafterTeam seems to have learned from their previous shortcomings and made sure they’ll deliver on their promises this time around. Project Nimbus takes the odd combination of Ace Combat with Zone Of The Enders and then chucked it into a blender filled with our favourite cliches and archetypes. The result is a love letter to everything that we have come to love in mecha animes and games.

Project Nimbus Is The Mecha Action Game Everyone's Been Waiting ForThe storyline in Project Nimbus is your cookie cutter plot of the ambiguity of war and conspiracy orchestrated by a third faction that brought two rival factions into an all-out skirmish, along with all the expected vanilla anime character archetypes. Nothing wrong with that considering how generally well presented they are, and the gameplay itself is enough to distract those who aren’t bothered to follow the going-ons in the game’s universe.

Project Nimbus – Act I Mission 5 – Krasnaya Kometa (Early Access Alpha)

Project Nimbus is loaded full of homages and references to many known mecha animes and video games. Read more: Donate and help support my channel! Mission 5 pits you against a Children Of Fallen Nation Ace named Obana Takeshi on the first half and a pair of Spetsnaz Ace pilots Andei and Yuliana on the second half.

One thing that Project Nimbus relies heavily upon is its homages and references to many known mecha animes and video games. Already in the first level, I spotted an obvious Macross reference: your main pilot in that mission uses the callsign “Skull One”. When you reach the second level, you’ll be playing as a pilot for Mithril, an organization which shares the same name and role as the private military company in the anime Full Metal Panic. There was even one fight against a pair of Russian Aces where one of them pilots a red mecha at “three times the normal speed”. Incidentally, he was known as “Krasnaya Kometa”, which means “Red Comet” in Russian. This is probably one of the best Mobile Suit Gundam reference ever made in a video game thus far. There’s also an Armored Core reference somewhere; go ahead and watch my gameplay video above to find it.

Project Nimbus Is The Mecha Action Game Everyone's Been Waiting ForIn terms of visual presentation, Project Nimbus is graphically competent at best. One might say that if you played one indie game built from the same engine/development kit as the other, you’ve very much seen them all. It’s not terrible, but not impressive either. The core visual strength of Project Nimbus lies in the weapon/particle effects and animated destruction: missiles are launched en masse in volleys, trailing their intended targets in glorious Itano Circus, turning enemy formations into smoking scrap heaps, which looks quite spectacular as far as a lower budget indie game goes. Some glitches, framerate drops, and noticeable lack of polish in the game’s visual are to be expected in an alpha build game.

Project Nimbus – Designing of the Gripen

Watch Rattapoom as he design the last generation 3 mass product Battle Frame left to be created: the Gripen. The video speed is 8 time of the real sketching speed.

Voice acting reminds me of the quality exhibited by the Ace Combat series. Though voiced largely by small-time voice actors/actresses, they’re pleasant to listen to and the choice of casting matches the respective characters they’re portraying, with occasional dents from some poorly written dialogues (not the fault of the voice actors/actresses). As for the game’s music, give the video above a listen and tell me what it reminds you of in the comments below.

Project Nimbus Is The Mecha Action Game Everyone's Been Waiting ForAnyone familiar with mecha games like Zone Of The Enders and Omega Boost should feel right at home with the gameplay style of Project Nimbus. Controlling Battle Frames, the game’s mainstay humanoid machine, is easy to pick up and by the end of Mission 3, you’ll be blasting and zipping through like a champ. The game’s difficulty ramps up exponentially even on the “Gamer Recommended” (Normal) setting, so be prepared for some steep learning curves when fighting against tougher enemies and Battle Frame Aces. This however, makes completing tough missions much more satisfying due to its reliance on player skills. Some user reviews on Steam complained of repetition in the game’s mission objectives, which is indeed true, but then again, when you pilot a mech designed to create artistic works of destruction against masses of incoming foes, are you expecting anything else beyond “destroy everything until the story moves”?

Project Nimbus Is The Mecha Action Game Everyone's Been Waiting ForShould you buy Project Nimbus? As always, it’s inevitable to harbour some degree of skepticism over paying for an incomplete alpha build game; there had been dozens of instances in the past of paid yet unfinished alpha build releases on Steam becoming abandoned despite all the promises made by their respective studios. However, the recent update to the game’s new alpha build, codenamed “Kongou”, along with the complete release of all missions in Act II done by late March of 2016 is a positive indication that Project Nimbus is in good hands. If the prolonged absence of any recent mecha games has left you itching to pilot mechanical engines of mass destruction, then Project Nimbus might satisfy the crave. Give the folks at GameCrafterTeam the suppport they need!

Project Nimbus is out now on Steam. Be sure to follow GameCrafterTeam’s progress and updates on their Facebook page! Check out my Project Nimbus Act I playlist on Youtube. Are there any indie mecha games that I’m missing out on Steam? Sound off in the comments below!



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