Dead Or Alive 5 – Kasumi 1/6 PVC Figure – Griffon Enterprises

Dead Or Alive 5 - Kasumi 1/6 PVC Figure - Griffon EnterprisesDead Or Alive’s most iconic titular character gets this amazingly detailed PVC figure rendition by Griffon Enterprises.

As one of the original characters present since the first Dead Or Alive game was released on the arcade in 1996, it’s hardly surprising that Kasumi gets yet another PVC figure rendition. Kasumi is, after all, considered the face and mascot of the entire Dead Or Alive franchise.

Dead Or Alive 5 - Kasumi 1/6 PVC Figure - Griffon EnterprisesKasumi sports her infamous blue ninja dress that fans synonymously identify her with. Her pose for this PVC figure stood rather relaxed in a non-threatening manner, perhaps as she would during pre-battle cutscenes. What I like about Kasumi’s outfit is that it’s unique in a way that it seemingly covers ample amounts of her body while gratuitously exposing her thighs and hefty bust (hey, this series is well known for its fanservice after all). Folds and creases on her outfit along with the simulated flutters on her ponytail and sideties adds to the figure’s life-like details. The ornate crane design on the loincloth part of her dress and short sword sheathed behind her back is a nice touch, faithfully recreated from her in-game model. Kasumi maintains a stern yet calm expression on her face, befitting her dual personality of being both kind spirited and a cold blooded killer.

Dead Or Alive 5 - Kasumi 1/6 PVC Figure - Griffon EnterprisesCustomer reviews for Kasumi’s PVC figure on Amazon are overwhelmingly positive with all seven reviews giving it five stars. One of the commonly cited positive aspects of the figure is the excellent paintjob and spot-on details all around the figure’s outfit. Some of the negative aspects cited are a few noticeable differences between the final product and the prototype, as well as debatable opinions regarding Kasumi’s headsculpt and paint applications on the eye, though it doesn’t detract any points from the general user reviews.

Griffon Enterprises Dead Or Alive 5 Kasumi 1/6 PVC figure was released last November 2014, though there are still ample stocks available in various online retailers. You can get your hands on Kasumi and other PVC figure renditions of Dead Or Alive characters (in case you fancy others) via Amazon (26% discount + free shipping!) and Play Asia.



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