It’s My Birthday Today (18th March)

Today Is My Birthday 18th March 1987Today’s my 29th birthday. Another year down the drain, or a great year to look forward to?

First of all, thank you for visiting my website. For returning visitors, thank you for becoming a regular on my website even if you don’t comment at all on my post (it’s fine, really! Even I don’t comment as much in other Disqus-enabled websites). For new visitors or those who are merely passing by, welcome to my website! Stick around a little longer if my website struck a common interest as I will promise you more such contents in the coming months and years.

Though this website was established not too long ago on late September of 2015 (first post was pretty lackluster, but hey it’s a start), I have been writing on the topic of animes, collectible toys, video games, and general mainstream pop culture since 2006. Superior Internet Content! (now renamed AGH Complex Plus, used for redirecting traffic to this website) was the first website I started back in mid-2006. After around two years running Superior Internet Content!, I moved into my own self-hosted WordPress website in 2008 which I named Superior Internet Content! x2, complete with paid domains and hosting.

Things seemed to be running fine back then, but the general outlook of the website statistic-wise was less than promising. I do get substantial amounts of visitors every month, but not significant enough to create any impact on search engines and the still growing social network of late 2000’s. Furthermore, it didn’t generate enough revenue to cover the annual domain + hosting fees even after a year of running ad programs. Depression after dropping out from university studies and general lack of interest sets in. Somewhere around three or four years ago, I finally decided to pull the plug and let the website die.

Now here I am, back to square one yet again, starting another website of the same theme and topic. I’m really fired up in my ambition to make this site grow. That’s the reason why I temporarily quit my job in retail so I can get back into writing contents. I have only enough money to last until the end of April so I will need to step up my game and make every single day up to the 30th of April count. This means creating more diverse, unique contents. More opinionated pieces written from my own perspective that resonates well with readers. Perhaps greater engagements with my readers and audience. Most importantly, I really need to grow my Youtube channel. Video-based contents tend to have good audience engagement and traffic.

Though I will not know whether this website along with all its associated social accounts, video channels, and other external sites will be a tremendous success in the coming years, or yet another failed white elephant project that will left me broke for good, I still nonetheless look forward to what the future will have in store for me with the strongest positive outlook. Here’s a toast to infinite possibilities!

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