Fallout 4: Automatron Trailer Released, The Mechanist Returns?

Fallout 4 Automatron Trailer The Mechanist ReturnsThe Mechanist made his mysterious return in the first add-on for Fallout 4 coming this 22nd March.

Fallout 4 – Automatron Official Trailer (PEGI)

Watch the official trailer for Automatron, the first game add-on for Fallout 4. Automatron will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Steam on Tuesday, March 22. The mysterious Mechanist has unleashed a horde of evil robots into the Commonwealth, including the devious Robobrain.

Bethesda has recently released a trailer for the upcoming Fallout 4: Automatron add-on. According to information released on Bethesda’s official blog, Fallout 4: Automatron adds a new antagonist called the Mechanist, who’s responsible for letting loose a myriad of rogue robots into the Commonwealth. The add-on also expands upon your crafting option in the game, allowing you to construct your own custom build robot companion. All aspects of your robot companions including their limbs, armors, abilities, paintjob, and even their voices are customizable.

Fallout 4 Automatron The Mechanist ReturnsI myself haven’t had the opportunity to play Fallout 4; either I’ll very likely get it from Steam when it’s 50%  off, or wait until the Game Of The Year edition comes out. Nonetheless, hearing about the Mechanist made me recall that quest from Fallout 3 called The Superhuman Gambit, where you need to put an end to the squabbles between the Mechanist and the AntAgonizer. Depending on the choices you made, you can make either or both The Mechanist or AntAgonizer leave Canterbury Commons for good, as well as the brute force option of killing either or both.

Fallout 4 Automatron The Mechanist ReturnsAt the same time, I’m also made aware that in Fallout 4, the Mechanist appeared as a fictional villain in the Silver Shroud radio series. So far, the identity of this particular Mechanist in the upcoming add-on is still shrouded in mystery. Could it be the same Mechanist from Fallout 3, Scott Wollinski? Or is this Mechanist another copycat who simply took the identity of the Mechanist from said radio series in Fallout 4, out of pure obsession for robots?

Fallout 4 Automatron The Mechanist ReturnsFallout 4: Automatron will be available for download on the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC by 22nd March, costing US$9.99. Other Fallout 4 add-ons, Wasteland Workshop and Far Harbor will be released on April 2016 and May 2016 respectively.

Fallout 4 can be purchased via Amazon and Play Asia.


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