How To Solve Crashes In The Division Open Beta (PC)

tom_clancy_the_division_fanartNew York city won’t go easy on you? Here’s how to get Tom Clancy’s The Division up and running!

When the open beta for Tom Clancy’s The Division started on the 19th of February, gamers across multiple platforms report various technical issues that cropped up while running the game. Though said technical issues seem relatively minor for console gamers playing through the open beta on their Xbox One and Playstation 4, PC users encountered crippling errors from the get-go: the game itself simply refuses to launch properly, crashing within minutes or not making past the tutorial videos.

The following fixes and solutions assume your PC/laptop already met or exceed the minimum system requirements, but having the unfortunate case of the latter:

1.Ensure your graphic drivers are up-to-date.

Get your drivers updated if you haven’t done so. Outdated drivers can be one of the most common cause of game crashes. Both Nvidia and AMD have convenient auto detect option that makes updating your graphic drivers a breeze.

Nvidia Geforce Drivers

AMD Radeon Drivers

2. Fix the game’s compatibility.

Locate the .exe file for The Division; in the case of mine, it’s located in

C > Program Files (x86) > Steam > steamapps > common > Tom Clancy’s The Division – Beta

Right click on the .exe file, choose Properties, select Compatibility, tick Run This Program In Compatibility Mode, select Windows 7 from the drop-down menu, and finally click OK. Some users have also ticked Run This Program As An Administrator just for added measure, though this step is optional.

3. Verify local files.

For Uplay users, exit Uplay, look for the Uplay desktop shortcut, right click and choose Properties, select Compatibility, tick Run This Program As An Administrator, and finally click OK. Relaunch Uplay, select Games, click on The Division, select Properties > Local Files > Verify Files. If any issues were detected, an option to Repair the game’s files will be made available; click Repair.

For Steam users, go to your Library, right click on the game, click Properties, go to Local Files, then click Verify Integrity Of Game Cache. Let it finish the verification process before trying to start the game again.

4. Disable in-game overlays.

For Uplay users, click on the triple lines on the left side of the Uplay interface, select Settings > General, then untick Enable In-Game Overlay For Supported Games.

For Steam users, click View > Settings > In-Game, untick Enable The Steam Overlay While In-Game.

5. Disable background applications.

For Windows 8 users and above, press CTRL + ALT + DEL to bring up the Task Manager, click Startup, then disable all startup applications. Restart Windows and try running the game. If the game runs without issues, try gradually reactivating all the disabled applications until the game crashes again so you’ll know which one caused conflicts to occur. Otherwise enjoy your action-packed adventures in New York!

For further troubleshooting and other technical information, check out the following websites: Ubisoft Forums, Gamunation, Gosu Noob, VG247.

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