Does Unbanning Fallout 3 In Germany Mean Anything?

fallout3_brotherhood_outcast_wheaton_armory_patrolThe bigger question is, does anyone really care? IGN reported that Fallout 3 is finally getting unbanned after a three year legal battle to get the game de-listed from the banlist, a few years short of the usual ten year statutory time period required for controversial or disputed titles to have their ban lifted in Germany. The difficult legal process alongside thorough scrutiny by delegates comprising of members from various German-based community organizations purportedly cost Bethesda several thousand Euros. Speculations arose that this move by Bethesda may have something to do with the probable HD re-release of Fallout 3 for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Note that calling it a ‘ban’ is admittedly hyperbolic; a heavily censored version was released into the German market, with its gore, violence, and other objectionable contents neutered.

What would the broader implication of a nearly eight years old game like Fallout 3 getting unbanned in Germany be? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING

Alright, there’s the aforementioned possible HD re-release of Fallout 3 for current-gen consoles, which is pointless if you are already playing it on the PC with access to hi-res retextures and ENB mods.

But you know what else is pointless and easy to mod pass? The censorship itself. Any attempt to block out perceived unsavoury contents in a video game would become pointless, invalid, and an utter waste of time as soon as users create or obtain mods to circumvent them. There are mods for restoring gore and violence back in the watered down German release of Fallout 3. So what was the point of protecting the innocent virgin eyes of grown adults again? Another case and point: R. Mika’s buttslap restoration mod in Street Fighter V.

More importantly, Fallout 3 has more than likely been pirated to death by now. Anyone who can access mainstream Torrent sites would already know that, and perhaps had inadvertently obtained the game through such questionable methods even. This is how gamers from third world countries with lower currencies against the US Dollar (like mine) experienced the Capital Wasteland in all its uncensored glory without the interference of moral police scrutinizing what can and cannot be seen by sensible folks who had aged too far past the age of consent, as what we have observed in a supposedly open and liberal first world society like Germany.

DISCLAIMER: Lord Gaben has already converted me into a legit buying master race a few years back thanks to the religion of Steam, in which I was able to snatch Fallout 3: Game Of The Year Edition for cheap during a mid-week discount sale.

Finally, I’m quite sure the rest of you gaming vault dwellers have been occupied with building and saving settlements as well as scavenging post-apocalyptic Boston in Fallout 4 since late last year.

Screenshot via Fallout 3 Screenshots


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