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redhair1If you are like me and dye your hair a lot, then you know that color-treated hair can easily become extremely frail and damaged. Since I aim to grow out healthy hair while keeping the color I want, there a few tips I follow to maintain healthy hair, at least as healthy as I can get it. Many people have told me that my hair is very soft and seems so healthy! These are very easy tips, and the vitamins and hair products I use are very affordable. I rarely, if ever, buy salon-price products, and I believe that you can high-quality product without spending so much money. Here are my tips:

1. Coconut oil hair mask an hour before shampooing – Coconut oil is one of the few oils that penetrates the hair shaft, helping to rebuild the hair structure and return some moisture to the hair. Since I wash my hair everyday, I massage some coconut oil onto my scalp, massaging the roots and making sure my ends are saturated since those are the most damaged parts. I leave this in for an hour, no need for heat or shower cap. To shampoo it out easily, I massage some sulfate-free shampoo onto the scalp without wetting my hair first, rinse it out, then shampoo again. I then use a conditioner – more often than not I actually use a deep conditioner. My hair doesn’t tend to get greasy so this isn’t usually an issue for me.

2. Take a good multivitamin – I personally use a vitamin targeted towards Hair, Skin & Nails. You’ll usually see that on the bottle label. I prefer these over prenatal vitamins. Right now I’m using Nature’s Bounty Optimal Solutions argan-oil infused supplements. I bought it a few days ago since I just finished a bottle of Futurebiotics Hair Skin & Nails. Both are very good and if you take them consistently it won’t be too long before you see results!

3. Use sulfate-free shampoo – Now, before you think that sulfate-free shampoo is expensive, go to your local Walmart or Target. There’s tons of affordable sulfate-free shampoo choices! I’ve tried quite a few, and right now my favorite is the Loreal Everpure line. Since I color my hair a lot I use the color care line. It moisturizes my hair and smells so good. I also use a sulfate free conditioner. My favorite one is the Loreal Oleo Therapy deep hair conditioner/mask. I actually use this every day and it does not make my hair greasy!

Those are a few of my hair tips, the ones that I use the most often and see the most results with 🙂



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