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The Bi-Annual Western Novel Contest 2015 Powered by RobinHood Press Inc.

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      Nathaniel Hammel

      For Full Contest Info and Registration click here 🙂

      There will be 10 winners
      1) Optional Publication of your Fantasy Novel with RobinHood Press Inc. (You will receive our Publishing Kit called: A Deep Look Kit. A $500.00 Value FREE!)
      What Comes in the Kit:
      * Trade Paperback, and Digital Download
      * RobinHood Press Inc. assigned ISBN #
      * Copyright Date
      * 60/40 (60% Author/50%RHP) Royalties per 60 days
      * Choose to submit your own design, or a pre-designed full color book cover
      * Choose your own interior layout
      * 5″ x 8″ book size
      * Advanced Editing if needed (Spelling, Punctuation, Grammar)
      * Book Listings on Createspace, Amazon, PaperSack Books, BookStash, and major book retailers like Barnes and Noble
      * Your own website to sell your books, receiving 100% royalties after book cost (you must manage all booksales and ordering
      * 1 digital + 1 printed Proof
      * Press release and submition to News/Writing sites
      2) RHP Inc. “Fantasy Author” (Stylish Wooden Plaque) Novel Award (All 10 Winners)
      3) $350.00, to 1st place, $250.00 to 2nd place, $150.00 to 3rd place
      $50.00 to 4th-10th place

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