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The Bi-Annual Fantasy Novel Contest 2015 Powered by RobinHood Press Inc.

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      Nathaniel Hammel

      Click here for Full Contest Information

      There will be 10 winners
      1) Optional Publication of your Fantasy Novel with RobinHood Press Inc. (You will receive our Publishing Kit called: A Deep Look Kit. A $500.00 Value FREE!)
      What Comes in the Kit:
      * Trade Paperback, and Digital Download
      * RobinHood Press Inc. assigned ISBN #
      * Copyright Date
      * 60/40 (60% Author/50%RHP) Royalties per 60 days
      * Choose to submit your own design, or a pre-designed full color book cover
      * Choose your own interior layout
      * 5″ x 8″ book size
      * Advanced Editing if needed (Spelling, Punctuation, Grammar)
      * Book Listings on Createspace, Amazon, PaperSack Books, BookStash, and major book retailers like Barnes and Noble
      * Your own website to sell your books, receiving 100% royalties after book cost (you must manage all booksales and ordering
      * 1 digital + 1 printed Proof
      * Press release and submition to News/Writing sites
      2) RHP Inc. “Fantasy Author” (Stylish Wooden Plaque) Novel Award (All 10 Winners)
      3) $350.00, to 1st place, $250.00 to 2nd place, $150.00 to 3rd place
      $50.00 to 4th-10th place

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