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      Annette Keachie

      What are shadow people? They come in many forms and types. We may never know exactly who or what shadow figures are comprised from, but they are being spotted all over the world with increasing frequency, so their existence is being well accepted. Some believers feel that they come from inter-dimensional worlds, others think that they are ghosts, and some other people see them as demons. These are the types of shadow people that have been seen; I am sure there are more species of these beings out there, its just that we do not know much information about them yet.

      Human Shaped Shadow People

      The first and most common type of shadow people are the human figure shadow people.These entities are described as generally humanoid in shape and size.Anatomical detailssuch as ears, eyes, nose,hair and hands are missing from the description of these
      experiences. Whenasked, witnesses usually attribute a male
      characteristic to these figures. The shadow form is semi-
      transparent and dark. The duration of the sighting of this
      type of shadow person varies among reports but is usually stated as between two and five seconds. In many cases
      witnesses describe the sense of being watched, looking up to see if someone is in the room and discovering the shadow
      person observing them. Once noticed, the shadow person seems to flee quite rapidly, sometimes traveling through walls or closed doors…..

      Black Smoke or Mist Shadow People

      The second most common type of shadow person reported is that of the black smoke-like or black mist experience. At first it may seem odd to label these entities as “people” but in many cases witnesses that have encountered these beings have described them as having intelligent characteristics and reactions to
      events. Strangely, many of the encounters with the black smoke shadow beings have been associated with overwhelming
      feelings of dread and malevolent, much more so than the experiences are related to the human shaped variety…..

      Hat Man

      The Hat Man shadow person is a variation of the human-like being described earlier. While the experiences and description of this type of entity closely matches that of the plain shadow person there are noticeable differences. The most notable and obvious being the inclusion of a wide brimmed hat in witness
      descriptions. The hat worn by this type of shadow person is described variably as a having a brim the width of the
      creatures shoulders. In most other instances the description of this creature mimic’s that of the human shaped
      variety. The Hat Man seems to exhibit a certain degree of curiosity towards the witnesses involved in sighting it
      or him, whichever the case may be.There have been occasional reports of dread and paralysis associated with this
      creature, but to a much lesser degree than the black smoke shadow being.

      Shadow Animals

      This type of shadow creature is much less common than the human shaped or smoke variety. Sightings of these creatures have described vaguely animal like creatures of a dark and semi transparent appearance. Many witnesses have described these beings as being roughly rabbit or guinea pig sized. These creatures
      have been witnessed indoors and outside equally and exhibit some of theotherMworldly qualities of other types of shadow beings. Travel through solid matter and unnatural speed are some
      of the traits described of these beings.

      Peeking Shadow People

      This phenomena has been described as a vaguely child sized, shadowy, human form which appears to peek around corners and quickly vanishes when noticed. Many who have witnessed these mysterious shadow forms describe seeing them through peripheral vision, out of the corner of the eye. Like other shadow people, a
      sense of curiosity has been attached to these creatures….

      Red Eyed Shadow People

      Perhaps the most frightening of all shadow people experiences is that of the red eyed shadow. This form of shadow person is described as having glowing red eyes which cause the viewer to feel paralysis and extreme terror. They have been described as the embodiment of pure evil…..

      Alot of these beings tend to feed upon negative energies within the home. It has also been known that they follow people for a few days up to several years! Shadow people are also attracted to people who have had a traumatic experience, such as someone close to them dying, or any other traumatic event.

      Here is a video on Shadow people.

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