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      Annette Keachie

      Have you ever had a dream where you were in control of everything that happens? Your in a situation that seems realistic, you’re with a dearly departed, and you are aware that you are dreaming, but you’re controlling your every move. you sink in within your mind of what’s being said by a loved one.
      You’re soaring through the clouds in search of something or someone and you get to your destination with no problem. A lucid dream is where you are aware that you’re dreaming; whereas normal dreams, you’re not even aware that you’re dreaming.
      Within a lucid dream you’re able to talk, touch, feel, smell, taste, and even make love; yes, sex exists while communicating with a departed loved one. I will delve into that subject also throughout this group. So basically in a lucid dream, you can be anyone, and do anything you desire. Simple as that. However; not everyone can experience this gift.
      The more you have lucid dreams, the better you become at them; you can also overcome certain fears and phobias! I had lucid dreams where I was in an airplane; and at the time I was fearful of flying; but the dream allowed me to cope with getting on a plane in my waking life; just by lucid dreaming. I have found answers to complex issues that I was facing in life through lucid dreaming, and personally had found out secrets from dead loved ones to find out that their secrets later on in life to be revealed by someone else in the family, or by a friend.
      I have done just about anything possible within a lucid dream. Only a small fraction of people in this world are able to self train into lucid dreaming, and most times they are people who have exeperienced many traumatic events. Once learning how to lucid dream, you experience a new world of dreaming, and it can be mind blowing! This is because your sub-conscious and conscious collide together.
      If you’re learning on how to lucid dream, dont feel discouraged if your not able to control your dreams. It takes time. If you are having lucid dreams, your dream just might end prematurely; like I stated; it takes time to build up to control your dreams.
      Did you know that you can summon up anyone dead or alive in a lucid dream? In order to help you achieve this goal, you need to visualize that person before you dream at night. You even need to visualize them within your dream in order to find them. Again; this takes time and practice. There are classes out there that can teach you; but if you bare the gift of it being self-learned, then you’re in business, but you also need to be confident within your dreams in order for lucid dreams to happen.
      You can even change the scenery within your dream, but this can be more complex than finding someone. I have found many people within my dreams and had meaningful conversations with them. Scenery usually changes to the flow of the dream; however some people are unaware of thier surroundings and are far more focused on their subject (loved one) within their dream, if they are communicating with someone.
      In lucid dreaming you can make up any theme you desire, you can go to any place in the world, even in space. I have done this where I was soaring through the skies and made it to space where I was looking down to see the spinning ball of the earth below me.
      If you are interested in lucid dreaming, do some homework online and learn more about it!

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