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Is someone trying to communicate with you?

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      Annette Keachie

      You had somebody pass away recently or years before hand, and you’re suddenly getting contact. Contact from the other side is not uncommon!
      You may have a dream about them and it felt so real that you wake up and suddenly realize that it was just a dream… Or was it?
      Or maybe you’re smelling a familiar scent that reminds you of them, and that scent came from out of nowhere.. You see a sign that resembles them, or perhaps you hear their favorite song. Or how about a phone call from the other side?
      Now you probably have heard of all these things, and the most uncommon phenomena would be the getting a phone call from the other side…
      You’re probably shaking your head and may think I may be off my rocker. In fact many people in the past had experienced this phenomena, including myself.
      It does come as a shock when one receives a phone call from a deceased loved one telling them that they love them or saying a simple farewell. Sometimes, you don’t hear anything at all, but to only see their phone number calling you. Sometimes you hear static, other times you just get a hang up, or even so you pick up the phone to answer it, for it to be calling their home, yet they dialed out to you! Weird huh? But it happens!
      How about getting a voice message from a loved one who have departed from this world? It’s an even rarer phenomena, but this also happens as well!

      Let’s talk about dreams.

      You dream of a deceased loved one and it feel so real. Do you recall anything said between you two? Have you touched one another and it felt as though it was a real touch? This does happen. I dream a lot about an ex boyfriend who committed suicide ten years ago. I will be posting a topic in this group about suicide and the after life, so keep your eye open for that special topic!
      I had known Joel for about six or seven years before he decided to take his own life. The landlord to his place found him hanging in the basement. It took me two and half years to get over his death, but one never really recovers 100% after being a survivor of suicide. I will also be explaining the in depth details of that in another post.
      After the first week I had my first dream about Joel. He was wearing his favorite red plaid coat, was facing a window in a basement, and his dog was there with him. I walked toward him to confront him, asking why he had left. ( I will also be explaining lucid dreaming in another post.) he turned to face me, and told me it was not my fault, because he knew I was blaming myself. He also told me that he loved me and that he was sorry, but gave me no real answer as to why he killed himself. So I was left in the dark on the subject. I called out to him as he disappeared leaving me to petting his dog, and then I woke up.
      The dream felt real, and it was real. He was contacting me to let me know that he made it to the other side okay. To this day, ten years later I still dream about Joel, and I find over the years, the dreams are more intense and realistic! I feel him, I smell him, and hear his voice, and it no longer hurts me to see him in my dreams, unlike the first few years; it hurt real bad to wake up to the point of crying. Sometimes it takes time to come to terms with one’s death. However; he was still with me in my physical world.
      Have you ever experienced anything breaking for no apparent reason? I have.. I had a gingerbread house I made for Christmas the first year Joel died, and it smashed on its own. I heard it break from another room while I was chatting with an old friend of mine, and just after I told my friend that I “loved them” that was when it happened. I walk into the other room and see the gingerbread house scattered throughout my bedroom; I was alone in the house, and we had no pets! So ghosts and spirits in fact to carry on emotions to the other side. The emotion of anger and jealousy was example in this scenario, although I wasn’t telling my friend that I loved them out of sexual favor, it was just I told a lot of my close friends that I loved them. However; Joel took it the wrong way, and the fact my friend was male! So yes ghosts can read, because I was typing at the time this happened with the gingerbread house smashing across the room! Again, I did not see it happen, I heard it from another room. After that incident, I had not dreamed nor had much contact with him for a few months.. he seemed to have dispersed, but came back to check up on me many months later. My bedroom would feel cold in the midday heat of summer, I would hear footsteps around me when trying to sleep, I could hear him talking when I would be sitting in another room, or I would hear a cough or sneeze. I would be alone in the house and I could hear his voice out of nowhere. He was haunting me. A friend of mine suggested I seek a paranormal investigator, but I declined and decided to take up on the subject myself and learn as much as I could about the paranormal. Joel indeed was lingering, I even had the treat on seeing him!
      I once was riding a Greyhound bus to another city (long trip). I was alone on the bus, just myself and the driver. I fell asleep, woke up and saw him standing next to the seat. I rubbed my eyes, shook my head, and looked out the window for about ten or more seconds. I turned to face Joel once more and he smiled at me, turned away and walked down the aisle of the bus and faded as he was walking! I tried to call out to him, but my vocals chords could not bring any sound. I was devastated that he left me there. I looked around the bus to see if anyone else was on it; and I was alone, just cruising down a lonely highway wishing Joel was there with me.
      I would on occasion dream about him, but as the years went by and I grew into more accepting the fact that he was gone, I was dreaming more and more about him, and being able to control what happens in my dreams. I never was taught nor took any courses about lucid dreaming, it was self taught, and seemed to come naturally for me; a gift I was pleased on self learning!
      Recently I have had many dreams about him, almost every night for a few months, but for the past two weeks I have seemed to have lost contact with him. I know he’ll be back to contact me through my dreams.
      I also have dreamed about my grandmother who I recall her messages very well, unlike mine and Joels conversations.. I’m not sure why this is, but grandmother seemed to be more concise I guess. Or a deeper connection between the two souls(ours) or the fact that a relative has more impact on one’s subconscious mind than that of a lover? Different spirits and dreams leave different impacts on the waking life of the living. I’m not saying I don’t recall anything Joel has told me, as I do; it’s just that my grandmother has a further connection with me while she was alive compared to the different connection Joel had with me while he was alive. It’s a complex explanation, but I may delve more into that subject on a later topic in this group.
      – updates to come on communicating with the departed-

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      Annette Keachie

      Not only can you communicate with the dearly departed of yours, you can also speak to those on historical sites, haunted houses, graveyards and the likes. I personally had communicated with ghosts in remote areas that bore tons of history.
      I was living and working up in Hecla Island for a few months last year, and woke up in the middle of the night one night, as I usually do; as I always have to go to the bathroom throughout the night.
      I was wide awake after returning from the bathroom that night, and there was an old lady sitting at the end of my bed. It was just as if I were looking directly at another person. The old woman had to have been in her late 80’s or early 90’s when she had passed away. She told me she owned the land I had been living on, but she took a keen liking to me and told me not to go to BC as I was going to get hurt. I was job hunting for the winter to come, and was leaving MB. She did not want me to go to BC for some reasons unknown, until later several months after our conversation, the bf I had was cheating on me. So I figured that’s why the old lady was telling me not to go to BC.. I also learned that the old lady spirit whom sat on the edge of my bed was in fact living on Hecla island several years before, as her land was taken away from her by the government and she was a lingering ghost, lost in deception.
      I wasn’t too shocked to hear this, as I had other ghosts and spirit communication throughout my life time. I had ghosts follow me for years, ghosts or spirits of those I have never met before. The energy of a loved one to that of an unknown entity feels much different.
      You may feel an overwhelming presence of another entity’s energy by feeling coldness in the air, deep hidden emotions that you cannot explain, thoughts that may appear out of nowhere. Or you may not feel much at all, just the awareness that something unfamiliar is present. Whereas the energy of a departed loved one feels warm, soothing, and comforting. (Sometimes)
      When someone is trying to contact you from the other side, it will either be direct or indirect. Depardted loved ones usually most commonly contact you through dreams; because they do not want to frighten you in your awakened state. However; if another entity of that dimension such as angels or shadow people are trying to contact you, it can and will be sudden and frightening. Angels are said to be good beings of God, but not all angels are formed from God. This may offend those of you who are religious, but I am not talking about ”Godly angels” here.
      Some angels are even formed from those who have killed themselves, but most times can take thousands of years to become who they are, or on rare cases, those of the derarly departed can be a form of an angel. I have interviewed a woman about a year ago about Guardian angels and those whom have departed in her lifetime.
      She told me that she had a very close encounter with death, and saw her mother who was in an angelic form; she held out her angelic hand, then pulled her daughter back into earth to allow further life.
      Another interview with an older man told me that he was experiencing hard times after his sister had passed on from a tragic accident, came to him in a form of an angel. ”She had a golden orb, and had wings, she had no halo, but I could tell my sister was an angel! She told me that things would be fine and for me to hang in tight!”
      Shadow beings are seen as negative sources of energy. This is not necessarily true! They also serve as messengers of death. I experienced a shadow being standing right next to me in the middle of the night. Usually they are found formed across a bedroom by a door or window, or by the foot of one’s bed, but to actually see and experience one right next to me while laying in bed one night upon waking scared the hell out of me; and it would anyone! I could feel the energy being sapped right out of me, I could not move, scream, or even think! The being was simply letting me know that death was present. My grandmother died of lung cancer three days later. Shadow entities are very powerful beings thriving from purgatory; They can either be positive to warn you about something, or negative to harm you, so do not take these beings lightly if you ever come across one. Respect them, and listen to what they have to tell you, no matter how scared you are!
      I will also be delving into shadow people and angels in this group.

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