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Do you have any advice for another personal blogger?

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      Kimberly Brown

      My advice is to keep a goal and work towards that goal. My next goal as a personal blogger is to become a business partner.

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      #1 Choose your Blogging Goal
      #2 Make a Plan to meet it
      #3 Stick to the plan and blog consistently !

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        Kimberly Brown

        Thanks for sharing Pragati. That is very important when completing goals.

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      Kyla Matton Osborne

      Does anyone know if the 2,500 unique monthly visitors has to all be from one blog? Or can we show combined traffic from a handful of blogs together?

      Also, does the site take away your Personal Blogger status if your monthly visitors fall?

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        Super Spy

        This would be good to know, and it maybe from one blog which is a very high as I know my beauty blog competitors don’t have that many subscribers (less than 1000), but it depends on the visits. Are they total or from 2,500 different people?

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      I’m not really sure about this @ruby31
      But i think it should be from 1 site (blog) because there’s also Professional blog and it required to be focus on a niche theme,so itsl should be only from 1 sites. But, its just my theory 😛

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