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Have you used Postloop?

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      It’s a “extra cash” site. You won’t make a lot, but you can make some extra here and there when you really need it.
      You make points for posting in selected forums. You make 1-2points per post depending on your rating and 100p=5$.
      I have saw that I personally can’t make that much on there, because my typing is slow. But I am sure that some people can make in times more than I do, just because of the typing speed.
      I generally make 5$ with them here and there and that’s it…but it’s still something. And I’m sure if you really try you can make 5$ daily- that can be at least 100$ monthly, depending on how many days of the week you do it… I have requested payout many times so far, and I always receive it withing few hours of asking for it. Only once it took close to a full day- but still, pretty fast and always accurate.
      This is the link if you want to try it:

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      Stephanie C

      I’ve never used that site. I don’t like sites that take forever to earn a small amount of money. It’s frustrating, and I feel like my time is worth more than that.

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      I agree, but I have also have times in my life when that exact amount would have made huge difference. At those times I didn’t care how long it would take me to make it, it was the only option.
      Then again, it depends where you live, you can certainly buy more with the same amount here than in USA or Spain or something like that.

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      This might be worth trying. I will hve a look

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      Yes, I use it. I have to agree with Stephanie though. So many sites these days pay so little, but you have to put in a lot of time. Sometimes, you have to do it if you need the money, but I’d certainly love to learn about sites where I can get paid more for my time and effort.

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      I heard the site, but I haven’t tried it. I think I have an account but haven’t visited the site.

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